Credits: Instagram/beyonce

Have you listened to the new Beyonce songs yet? You’ll be surprised to find out that Beyonce’s new album Lemonade is already out. While the album isn’t available in stores, you can listen to the new tracks from Beyonce’s Lemonade on Tidal. And, one such interesting song is “Daddy Lessons.” We can see Beyonce’s relationship with her father very well penned in these “Daddy Lessons” lyrics.

As Beyonce’s Lemonade album is now exclusively available on Tidal for streaming, you can listen to “Daddy Lessons” on it. The track beautifully brings forth what Beyonce learned from her father,Matthew Knowles, who’s also her manager. Every part of the “Daddy Lessons” lyrics is inspiring to anyone who loves their father. It’s quite sure that reading the “Daddy Lessons” lyrics while listening to this amazing Beyonce song will remind you of your loving parents as well.

Besides, you can also see how Beyonce’s father supported her in times of trouble. This also speaks of the strength kids get from their parents, and how they grow up to be their reflections of them. With that being said, read the “Daddy Lessons” lyrics at and see how Beyonce feels about her father.