Credits: Instagram/jlo

Pop queen Jennifer Lopez has just dropped her new single, “Ain’t Your Mama” making it her new song for 2016. Listening to a preview of the song will get you ready to swing with the “Ain’t Your Mama” beats. See how J. Lo. tells a man-child that she’s not his mommy by reading the saucy “Ain’t Your Mama” lyrics.

We already know that Jennifer Lopez’s “Ain’t Your Mama” is about her telling her young lover that she won’t be cooking food on a hot pan, but would rather make the bed hot. Pop queen Jennifer Lopez released her new song “Ain’t Your Mama” by relieving her millions of fans and “lovers” dying for a new J. Lo. song in 2016.

And, reading those “Ain’t Your Mama” lyrics, we get how the 46-year-old beauty would hate to be called “Mama” by her lover. The words mix well with what mother’s say to their boys, only in this “Ain’t Your Mama” song, J. Lo. sings to her man-child “lover” that she’s there to be crazy in love. She’s not going to cook or do laundry for him, but will give her the tempting J. Lo. love. And, if you feel tempted, then buy Jennifer Lopez’s new song on iTunes and read these “Ain’t Your Mama” lyrics at Listen to J. Lo. sing about being a hot and sexy lover as she surely ain’t no mama!