My First Year of Marriage to a Wealthy Older Man

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In October 2014, me and my older man, Keegan, will have been married for four years, together for seven years, and known each other for nine years. During this entire time, Keegan has been a true, staunch believer in me and anything I have ever wanted to pursue. He has my pure and undivided trust, and I have his. If you would have told me ten years ago that this would be my life today, I would have laughed at you.
Keegan has been by my side for every illness and surgery—all 10 of them—without complaint.…

10 Things Women Think About During and After Sex with an Older Man


Women, in general, tend to be talkers—we like to talk and share what we’re thinking and feeling. We want to be with someone who at least takes some interest in our thoughts and emotions—a little bit goes a long way—and younger women dating older men are no different.
Men, on the other hand, aren’t always big talkers. These younger women dating older men might have an issue with their partner’s seeming indifference or willful ignorance, but it can sometimes be a blessing in disguise.…

Study: Young Women Who Date Older Men May Not Be Looking for a Traditional Marriage


A lot of women grow up dreaming about marrying their perfect man before they’re 30, but judging by the high divorce rate, there are also a lot of people who obviously didn’t realize what they were getting themselves into by jumping into a marriage so soon.
The fact of the matter is that, like dating, the concept of marriage is evolving. More young women today have a better understanding of what it takes to make a long-term relationship work, and they know that a man needs more than good looks and chivalry to be a good husband.…

Where You Need to Go to Find Your Next Sugar Daddy


The whole point of having a sugar daddy is to be with a man who, among other qualities, has money—to be a good sugar daddy, he needs to have the financial means to look after you and spoil you, otherwise he’s just an ordinary boyfriend. Sometimes, it’s easy to spot a rich man in a crowd, just by the way he behaves and how he carries himself. Other times, however, it can be a little trickier to find a rich man. But it helps if you know where to look.
If you’re trying to find a rich man to be your next sugar daddy, you might want to make your way to New York.…