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Rachel and Dave Hollis built a combined brand entity as a marriage unit. That’s why the announcement of their divorce has hit their followers very hard. Some have become skeptical about their relationship advice. The couple’s split comes at a time when they were preparing to launch their app, RISE, to complement their podcast, books, marriage seminars, and more. The Hollis’ followers are speculating what the now-former couple’s impending divorce will mean for their ventures.

Rachel and Dave Hollis Announced Their Divorce

Rachel Elizabeth Neeley and Dave Hollis met while they were working at Miramax. They tied the knot on May 29, 2004. The couple would later leave Miramax to form their own married unit of motivational speakers.

The couple found fame, success, and fans as lifestyle vloggers and while holding marriage and relationship seminars, including hosting their podcast, RISE. Rachel Hollis, in particular, is a bestselling author, lifestyle vlogger, relationship counselor, and mommy blogger.

Sadly, after 15 years of marriage and 18 years together, they announced their separation. Rachel and Dave released separate statements on their individual social media profiles in June 2020.

Guys, I have some hard news to share and the honest truth is, I have no idea how someone announces something like this,…

Posted by Rachel Hollis on Monday, June 8, 2020

According to their statements, the couple had been considering divorce at least for the past three years. They tried to make it work, but it wasn’t easy. Though the Hollises were posting special messages on their wedding anniversary until last year, their marriage had actually “run its course.”

It comes as a shock to their many followers who looked up to them as #RelationshipGoals. The comments sections on their respective posts are flooded with mixed reactions.

Some wish them well, while others question what will happen to their RISE lifestyle brand that many follow. Many fans have been less than kind after finding out that the couple had been selling a perfect married life when they had been considering divorce for years.

However, the divorce is not bitter in any way. While Rachel and Dave Hollis haven’t specified the reason behind their split, they do remain friends.

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Dave and Rachel Hollis Adopted Their Fourth Child in 2018

The Hollises are parents to four children: Jackson, Sawyer, Ford, and Noah. Their youngest and only daughter, Noah Elizabeth, was born in February 2017; they officially adopted her in 2018.

It’s official!!She was our daughter from the second she came into the world but today (after almost a year of waiting)…

Posted by Rachel Hollis on Friday, January 12, 2018

Rachel and Dave had been looking to adopt for five years when they were matched to Noah’s biological mother in 2017. They flew to Nebraska for the little girl’s birth.

Rachel Hollis is a popular mommy blogger. And she detailed the adoption journey on her website.

Rachel and Dave have not revealed details about their divorce yet. They have decided to co-parent their kids together, but their custody arrangement isn’t known yet.

The Hollises say they will continue to run their company as partners. However, they haven’t outlined how.

The now-ex-couple were supposed to launch their lifestyle app, RISE, this month. Their followers said they received newsletters that the launch of the app has been delayed until August. Dave and Rachel have postponed several other RISE events. Many fans speculate that they are re-shooting the videos for the app without Dave.

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