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Jeremy Swayman’s injury has put the Boston Bruins goalie’s season into doubt. But that’s not all fans are observing. Bruins Nation is interested in knowing more about Jeremy Swayman’s girlfriend, Tori Hickel. A glance into her background would reveal that she knows the ups and downs of a hockey pro’s career very well. Perhaps Sway even gets tips and advice from Hickel or her family. We reveal more about who she is in this Tori Hickel wiki.

About Tori Hickel
Age30 Years
BirthApril 3, 1994 Alaska
SiblingsZoe Hickel
ParentsVern Hickel (Father)
JobAthlete/Coach/Interior Decorator
AlumniNortheastern University
Works ForWillowRidge Construction

Tori Hickel’s Family

Tori Hickel was born on April 3, 1994, and hails from Anchorage, Alaska. She is the daughter of Vern Hickel and his ex.

Eventually, her dad married Cristy Hickel and adopted her daughter, Zoe, who is older than Tori. Zoe is Cristy’s daughter with Lex Patten, her former teammate on the University of Alaska Anchorage ski team.

Cristy Hickel got the girls into skiing while her husband showed them the world of hunting and fishing. Vern Hickel’s wife also coached junior hockey teams in Alaska. Eventually, the Hickel sisters were playing for her, too.

Tori Hickel’s Education and Career

Tori and Zoe Hickel eventually chose to follow ice hockey over skiing. Both were also helping their mom coach her teams as kids.

Tori Hickel was captain and MVP of the Alaska All-Stars. She was eventually a defenseman at Northeastern University from 2013 to 2016 before earning a bachelor’s degree in communications.

The sisters would go on to play in the pros. While Zoe played in the US East Coast in the NWHL, Tori played in Stockholm, Sweden.

They would eventually return to Anchorage and coach hockey teams. Tori assisted her mom as the coach of a U19 team.

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While in Sweden, Jeremy Swayman’s girlfriend, Tori Hickel, found a new passion for design and creating spaces. Upon her return, she joined her family business, Hickel Construction, and designed for another company, WillowRidge Construction.