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Aalyah Gutierrez is the daughter of wrestling great Rey Mysterio and the sister of rising WWE star Dominik Mysterio. Though she isn’t following her father’s footsteps into the ring, she made a splash in the recent episode of RAW. The wrestling scion and her mom beat up Murphy in the ring with kendo sticks, and enjoyed it as much as wrestling fans did watching it. Since this little showdown, Mysterio fans are wondering if his daughter will join WWE, too. This Aalyah Gutierrez wiki reveals if Mysterio’s daughter would join the promotion.

About Aalyah Gutierrez
Age22 Years
BirthAugust 20, 2001 California
ParentsÓscar Gutiérrez (Rey Mysterio), Angie Mysterio
BoyfriendJoshua Thomas

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Family

Aalyah Gutierrez was born on August 20, 2001 in California. She is the younger of two kids born to Óscar Gutiérrez, aka WWE star Rey Mysterio, and his wife Angie.

They have a son, Dominik (born April 5, 1997), who is continuing his father’s WWE legacy. Dominik previously played high school varsity football at Horizon Christian Academy, which Aalyah also attended.

Mysterio is known for his tattoos that are dedicated to the special people in his life. Aalyah and Dominik’s names feature on his bicep tattoos.

Aalyah Gutierrez’s Education

Aalyah had a brief stint in track and field while in middle school. She graduated high school in 2019 with her family in attendance.

Social media went crazy when Mysterio featured maskless in her graduation photos. The wrestler celebrates his children’s achievements on social media, including Aalyah earning her pointes in ballet. He was a proud dad in a post celebrating her graduation, too.

In the same post, Mysterio revealed that Aalyah is studying medicine in college. It’s not known which medical school she is enrolled in.

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Aalyah Gutierrez’s Career

Mysterio’s daughter is building her own fame on social media as an influencer. Even though she is not a frequent poster, she has built an Instagram following of over 150K and growing.

Aalyah’s Instagram doesn’t have a certain theme except being herself. Mysterio’s fans are especially in awe of her beauty and style. Mysterio is often referred to as “father-in-law” in Aalyah’s comment sections.

Too bad for those hoping to make Rey Mysterio their father-in-law, Aalyah is currently in a relationship with a Joshua Thomas who features on her Instagram.

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As Aalyah is pursuing a career in medicine, the hopes of her joining WWE Divas are dashed. But she’s not totally out of the WWE circle, either.

Most recently, the Mysterio family saw some action at RAW with Aalyah showcasing her own fight skills. Aalyah and Angie went to town on Murphy with kendo sticks during his match with Dominik Mysterio. Dominik’s mother and sister got revenge on Murphy and Seth Rollins for beating him with kendo sticks earlier.

Aalyah loved her RAW debut, sayingOh man, It was good, it definitely felt really good getting back for Dom because watching at home and just feeling like, ‘Oh, I can’t do anything about it you know’, and it was like, going today and being able to be in the ring was like, hitting him with those kendo sticks was like awesome. I loved it.”

In the same interview, Rey declared the Mysterio clan is coming for Seth Rollins next.

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