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Tommy Lee and Brittany Furlan are making headlines and we aren’t surprised why. Some have always wondered about Tommy Lee’s girlfriends and his latest love interest is no exception. The two were caught joining the mile-high club on an American Airlines flight, and now many want to know who the mystery chick is! If you want to know more about her, then you came to the right place.

Who is Brittany Furlan?

She was born in September 1986 in Pennsylvania, making Brittany Furlan’s age 30. Her rise to fame was a result of being a star on the once popular video app, Vine. Her videos had over six million followers and now she’s a comedian and a known Internet personality. Brittany Furlan’s net worth is reportedly $800,000. As Vine became a thing of the past, Brittany Furlan moved on to bigger and better things… like YouTube, Instagram, and SnapChat. She’s actually hilarious and her videos make it impossible not to relate and laugh. We can see what Tommy sees in her, not to mention she’s absolutely gorgeous.

Brittany Furlan’s Instagram

If you’re looking for Brittany Furlan’s hot pics, then her Instagram is the place to visit. There’s no shortage of provocative pics and she’s not afraid to show it all off! From topless pics to naked walks on the beach, the former Vine star has no shame when it comes to having fun, and her 2.3 million followers don’t mind at all. Many have speculated on the topic of Brittany Furlan’s plastic surgery, but she hasn’t confirmed anything so far. Good docs or good genes? You be the judge.

She Denied Dating Tommy Lee

Earlier in June, at the Maxim Hot 100 party, the 30-year-old Internet sensation spoke to Entertainment Tonight about dating a certain Motley Crue band member.

“I just think that there’s a lot of not-good guys in L.A.,” she said. “They want a new girl every five minutes, you know? So it’s very hard. I think dating is very hard in L.A., but it’s like, once you meet someone really cool, then you know — that’s what it’s about.”

Her comments were in response to a few photos that surfaced earlier, which revealed her kissing the 54-year-old rocker, who was once romantically linked to Baywatch alum, Pamela Anderson.

The Mile-High Club

While many are afraid of flying planes, there are others who don’t mind being above the clouds and have no problem getting in the mood. According to reports, the Motley Crue drummer and the social media star were engaged in some sexual activity while on American Airlines. Over the weekend, a video surfaced of Lee and Furlan exiting the airline’s bathroom after being in there for roughly 20 minutes together. The flight was an hour long and passengers were a bit upset that the pair were in there at the same time. No formal complaints were made and the airline staff didn’t need to intervene, since apparently much noise wasn’t being made. According to their policy, it is not against the rules for two passengers to use the bathroom at once. Can you imagine needing to use the bathroom and it’s occupied by Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee? Sounds like Lee still knows how to make the most of an hour and he took Furlan along for the ride.

As for whether the two are officially girlfriend and boyfriend, sorry Brit, but we think the cat’s out of the bag on this one!