Who won the Bristol Race on Street Outlaws? It was a big night for fans of Street Outlaws and some still want to know who took home the cash prize and the glory. If you want to know more about the Street Outlaws Bristol 2018 winner, then we have what you need.

Street Outlaws Bristol Results

On New Year’s Day, season 10, episode 6 aired and it was all about competing for thousands of dollars and bragging rights for the fastest racer. The synopsis read: “The 405 are in Bristol, Tennessee to compete in the biggest no-prep event in Street Outlaws history. With 32 of the baddest cars around competing for $100,000, the OKC racers give it everything they’ve got to take the win. It’s Bristol, Baby!”

For fans of the show, it’s no surprise when they heard “Big Chief wins at Bristol!” The Street Outlaws star took to Instagram and wrote, “There it is in black and white….two warriors doing battle. After watching the episode, i’m very proud of what we accomplished and i’m still smiling. [sic]”

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The Supportive Fans

While most places were closed, or closed early, on New Year’s Day, it was business as usual for Street Outlaws, as the show’s much anticipated episode aired. Fans of Big Chief took to Instagram to show their support on his big win.

One comment said, “That is what you call Vindication! Dude watching that you blew kye away. I was screaming &crying when you hit the finish! Street racing is in my blood and know what that W meant! Was a Great episode on many levels but that right there Son. The crow is a Bad Bitch ALL HAIL BIG CHIEF!! [sic]”

Another read, “Wow that has got to be the best angle and the fastest pass I’ve ever seen. Car looks awesome, sounds even better and leaves even harder. YOU THE MAN CHIEF!!!!! [sic]”

Fans of the reality star racer have always been in his corner and couldn’t be happier for his big moment, which was filmed last year.

“Hell yeah it was. I’m really happy for you and the whole team you deserve it bro you and Shawn put a lot of time in them bad ass cars so in my eyes y’all really are the best damn racers out here. Congrats buddy, [sic]” a comment read on Instagram.

Big Chief took to Instagram a day ago to thank his fans for their support and making social media a safe place for him.

“so much love to all my fans and friends who are keeping the gram a fun place for idiots like me to just be myself…..don’t forget, tomorrow night!!!! a very special street outlaws on @discoverychannel and i’m back bishes!!!! [sic]”

Looks like 2018 is off to a good start for Big Chief and we look forward to see what happens next.

Street Out laws airs Mondays at 9:00 p.m. EST on Discovery Channel!