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About Allicia Shearer
SpouseJustin Shearer September 29, 2006 - Present
ChildrenCovil, Corbin
AddressMustang, Oklahoma

If you’re into fast cars and franchises like the Fast and the Furious, then chances are you’ll love the Discovery Channel’s hit show, Street Outlaws. The show is currently in its sixth season and the star of the show is Justin Shearer, also known as Big Chief. But after recent Big Chief divorce rumors, fans have been asking about his marriage. So, if you want to know more about Big Chief’s wife, then you came to the right place.

How Did Allicia Become Justin Shearer’s Wife?

Allicia Shearer’s age is 37 and she grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, where she began dating her longtime boyfriend, Justin, 37.

“I met my wife Allicia when she came into the full service gas station I worked at when I was 18 years old. I instantly got nervous and I knew that I would have trouble with this girl… and I was right. I’ve been in trouble since that day!”


Allicia Shearer’s Kids

Allicia Shearer’s family is one of the most important things to her husband, and he shared his regrets about not spending more time with them in an Instagram post.

“These two boys don’t get the attention from me that they deserve. I’m always chasing that next rush, that lower elapsed time, looking for the next 10 hp, the huge mph numbers, the final round……and now more than ever I’m chasing the money it takes to win races at higher levels than I’ve ever competed in. It’s unfair to them that i haven’t grown up yet. They are my biggest fans, and my proudest supporters.

Allicia Shearer Justin Shearer and Family

Photo: Facebook/Allicia Shearer

One day…..I’m going to look back and regret chasing my bullshit childish pipe dreams of being a professional race car driver, and wishing i spent less time signing autographs and taking pictures, but more time playing wiffleball and laying on the couch while Corbin tries to rip my face off.”

Is Allicia Shearer Divorced?

With the a new season of Street Outlaws already out, fans want to know more about Big Chief’s relationship with his wife. But is she still his wife? There has been much speculation about the couple’s relationship and fans have been trying to cut through the mixed messages and rumors.


On one hand, listeners of Big Chief’s podcast have commented that Allicia served him with divorce papers at least six months ago because of an alleged affair. But on the other hand, there are people who believe that the other woman was allegedly just a bump in the road. Jacklyn Braasch has been seen “all over” Big Chief on previous episodes of Street Outlaws, so it’s possible that they are divorced.

But nothing was made public and the family most likely wanted to keep the news private and rather than tell everyone, they let actions speak for themselves. Many online have even commented that either Big Chief or Allicia could’ve been cheating and that Big Chief should be the one to honor his family. There hasn’t been much proof on any infidelity from either side, but Allicia has been noticeably absent from his Instagram account. As to why they would divorce, no one knows.

But some have said it may have something to do with how much work Big Chief was doing, and he’s even admitted to not giving enough time to his family in the past.

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