People remember Carol Lee Ladd as the first wife of veteran character actor Richard Anderson who passed away on August 31, 2017. The two were married for a little more than a year before they divorced. Ladd remarried and had two children with her second husband: Jonathan and Janna Veitch. With Anderson’s death, people want to know more about his first wife. We have details from Carol Lee Ladd’s wiki.  

With veteran actor Richard Anderson’s death, the entertainment industry has lost another beloved celebrity who contributed heavily to films and television. People are remembering those golden years in the 1950s and 1960s when television was much different to what it is today. They are remembering Anderson and are interested in his two marriages, both of which ended in divorce. People want to know more about Richard Anderson’s first ex-wife, Carol Lee Ladd, who was married to him for a short period. Here are some details from Carol Lee Ladd’s wiki.

Short Lived Marriage

Born on July 6, 1932, in Los Angeles, California, to Sue Carol and Nick Stuart, Carol Lee Ladd’s age is 85. She studied at the University of California in Los Angeles at a time when not many women got the opportunity to go to college. Not much is known about her early years, but she went to Hollywood to become an actress. Ladd appeared in the TV shows Matinee Theater and The Deep Six in the mid-1950s. She was married to character actor Richard Anderson on January 22, 1955, but the marriage was short lived and ended in a divorce in April 1956. Ladd did not have any children with Anderson.

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Second Time Lucky

Despite the end of her first marriage, Ladd did not give up her faith in finding love. She married John Veitch, who worked in Columbia Pictures at the time, in 1956. Veitch and Carol Lee Ladd’s children are Jonathan, born on February 1, 1959, and Janna Veitch, born in 1960. Unlike her first husband who continued to act in films and television well into his later years, Ladd did not pursue acting with as much passion. She turned towards making a home for her family and doing her best as a wife and a mother.

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End of a Chapter

There is no information about Carol Lee Ladd’s net worth but considering that her husband was the president of Columbia Pictures and she raised two children, it must have been substantial. Even before Veitch died of pancreatic cancer in 1998, Ladd chose to stay away from the eyes of the media. With Anderson’s death, an old chapter in Ladd’s life is closed. The entertainment industry will move on, but with a heavier heart.