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Hollywood film director Guillermo del Toro ruled on Oscars night! The veteran Hollywood director’s fantasy romance, The Shape of Water, came out on top in the Best Director and Best Picture categories, and also won awards for Best Original Music Score and Best Production Design. Now, the spotlight is also on the Academy Award winner’s family and people are curious to know more about the lady by his side. Keep reading to know more about Lorenza Newton, Guillermo del Toro’s former wife.

If there’s one person who has closely witnessed Guillermo del Toro’s glorious rise to fame, it is his ex-wife, Lorenza Newton. She was the veteran director’s support system for over 30 years before the couple divorced in 2017.

We have everything you need to know about Guillermo del Toro’s former wife with details Lorenza Newton wiki.

From Mexico to Hollywood

Born and raised in Mexico, Lorenza Newton’s nationality is Mexican. She is a film art director and veterinarian. She worked as the art director for del Toro’s 1986 film, Doña Lupe. 

In 1997, Guillermo del Toro’s father was kidnapped when the family was living in Guadalajara, Mexico. He ended up paying twice the ransom amount for his father’s safe return, but this incident prompted the del Toro family to move to America.

Del Toro had homes in Toronto and Los Angeles, and the couple would divide their time between the two cities.

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Relationship with Guillermo del Toro

Newton met del Toro when they were both students at the Guadalajara School of Sciences in Mexico, and they soon started dating.

The couple got married in 1986 and have two daughters named Mariana and Marisa del Torro. Unfortunately, according to reports, they divorced in 2017.

When they were married, Newton didn’t seem to mind her husband’s huge horror art collection, which is displayed in two adjoining homes on his L.A. property and nicknamed “Bleak House.”

In 2016, del Toro spoke about how Newton liked his art collection and said, “My wife likes it. We stay at Bleak House when we are in LA together. But my children are, at best, ambivalent. My younger daughter doesn’t like it – she finds the monsters too scary.”

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And the Oscar Goes to…

Del Toro was one of the favorites to win after bagging awards at the Golden Globes and the DGA Trophy for his work in bringing The Shape of Water to life.

In a December 2017 interview, del Toro explained his thought process behind the making of the film and said, “I think the movie is very beautiful, and it connects emotionally with me. With a bit of luck, people will connect with it. But, demographically, it’s going to rub some people the wrong way. It’s an antidote to cynicism—a movie that wears its heart on its sleeve. To some people that will be moving. Others will find it coy.”

Even though the film director has been nominated before, this was his first time winning an Academy Award. And, he took home the award for Best Picture, too!

Guillermo del Toro spoke about his Mexican roots in his acceptance speech for Best Director and said, “I am an immigrant … The greatest thing our industry does is to erase the lines in the sand when the world tells us to make them deeper.”