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A little too far? That’s the general consensus about Kathy Griffin’s anti-Trump photo shoot. The comedian was seen holding a bloody mask of President Trump in a photoshoot and the backlash was immediate and, perhaps, obvious.

Kathy Griffin’s humor has gotten her in trouble on a few occasions in the past. But if she was in hot water then, this time she’s in molten lava for her anti-Trump photoshoot! Depicting a beheaded Trump, the picture even has the President’s critics saying Griffin went too far. Despite her apology, she’s on the verge of being boycotted from media appearances. Find out everything about the incident in Kathy Griffin’s wiki.

Griffin’s Childhood and Love of Pop Culture

Kathleen Mary Griffin is the youngest of five children born to Mary Margaret “Maggie” Griffin and John Patrick Griffin in Illinois. Her mother was a cashier at a local hospital and the comedian credits her for her love of pop culture and sense of humor. Young Kathy would often visit her neighbors and tell them stories about her family. She called those visits her first live shows.

But her childhood wasn’t all laughter. When her siblings moved out, she developed a binge-eating disorder which she learned to control. In her 2009 autobiography, Official Book Club SelectionA Memoir According to Kathy Griffin, she revealed that she was scared of her eldest brother because was an abusive drug addict. He was also sexually inappropriate with her when he was 30 and she was seven.

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In high school, she sought refuge in musical theater and aspired to become an actress. This led to differences with her parents as they wanted her to attend college. Her first acting appearance was in a Chicago White Sox commercial, after which she signed with Chicago-based talent agencies. When she turned 18, she convinced her parents to move to Los Angeles to further pursue her passion.

Rising Star of Comedy

After a stint with the improvisational group, The Groundlings, Griffin decided she wanted a career in comedy. She began performing in LA during the ‘80s, and went to become a part of the alternative comedy scene there, running her own stand-up night with Janeane Garafolo.

She got a jumpstart in films, playing a passing role in Pulp Fiction and a supporting role in The Unborn. Her film and TV credits expanded with comedy shows and parodies. Griffin’s first major role was in the NBC sitcom, Suddenly Susan starring Brooke Shields.

In 1998, she starred in her first HBO special, Kathy Griffin: A Hot Cup of Talk. She also hosted the Daytime Emmy Awards in 2014. After being nominated for the Best Comedy Album Grammy six years in a row, she finally won the award in 2014. Kathy Griffin has amassed a net worth of approximately $20.0 million in her career so far.

Griffin’s Many Relationships

Kathy Griffin married Matt Moline in 2001, with Brooke Shields as her maid of honor. They later separated, but reconciled soon after. But she divorced Moline in 2006, had her tattooed wedding ring removed, and even accused her ex-husband of stealing $72,000 from her.

She later dated Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak. She confirmed her relationship saying, “What better way to get back at my ex, who was a tech, than to marry the biggest techno-nerd in the Universe?” However, in June 2008, it was revealed they broke up. She was later linked to Britol Palin’s baby daddy, Levi Johnston, but the two brushed off the rumors.

She is currently dating Randy Bick, a marketing executive. Bick is 18 years younger than his 56-year-old girlfriend, but they make it work while living together in her $10.5 million Bel Air mansion.

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What Did Kathy Griffin Say?

In the past, Griffin has been in controversies regarding the Emmys, her opinions on the LGBTQ community, and even her political stance. She has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, but when she collaborated with Tyler Shields for an anti-Trump photoshoot, she didn’t just push the envelope, she ripped it to shreds.

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Shields is a controversial photographer accused of copying other photographers’ work and glamorizing domestic violence in his photoshoot with Glee’s, Heather Morris. His photoshoot with Griffin showed her holding a fake severed head of the POTUS that was too bloody and gory to be acceptable. She tweeted earlier that “OBVIOUSLY, I do not condone ANY violence by my fans or others to anyone, ever! I’m merely mocking the Mocker in Chief.”

Donald Trump Jr. was the first to denounce the photo, but many critics of Trump also expressed their distaste. Even Chelsea Clinton and the Secret Service didn’t take too kindly to the photo. There was a call for a boycott of Kathy Griffin’s shows and media appearances. She’s currently on her nationwide comedy tour, but her show in Albuquerque was canceled. Despite hosting CNN’s New Year’s Eve broadcast every year with Anderson Cooper, there is speculation that the network is evaluating whether or not to keep her on the show.

There was a behind the scenes video of the shoot, where Griffin and Shields joked they would have to move out of country for this. The video has since been deleted. Griffin posted an apology video on Twitter where she admitted it was disturbing and not funny. “I understand how it offends people,” she said, in the video, adding that she would take the image down.

While Griffin is sincerely apologetic, Shields doesn’t regret it. “That’s what art is meant to do,” he said. “Some people look at it and they love it. Some people look at it and they hate it… I understand there are going to be people that hate this. It’s a very touchy subject… but this is not real. We didn’t kill anybody nor do I feel anybody should be killed. It’s no different from a movie. It just happens to be a still image.” He still maintains his sense of humor saying, “Nobody’s killed me for this image so it’s not that bad. I love Kathy and I hope they let me visit her in Guantanamo.”