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This past weekend, Hollywood star, Josh Brolin tied the knot for the third time with his fiancee Kathryn Boyd. This is Josh Brolin’s third marriage, after his controversial divorce with Academy-nominated actress, Diane Lane. The 48-year-old actor, who’s father is the famous James Brolin and step-mother is the legendary Barbra Streisand, has two grown-up children from his first marriage.

When he originally started dating Kathryn Boyd, their relationship was marred by controversy. Hence, many people are curious about Brolin’s newlywed wife and want to know more about the famed model, Kathryn Boyd. Well, you’re in luck. We have everything you need to know about Kathryn Boyd and her relationship with Josh Brolin, right here.


Born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, Kathryn Brittney Boyd is only 29 years-old and has had a stellar education in the media field. She acquired a bachelor’s degree in Magazine Journalism from the University of Georgia, where she also received a Photojournalism certification. She also studied photography at the prestigious Santa Reparata International School of Art in Florence, Italy.


Assistant to Model

Boyd first worked as an assistant to different film industry professionals. According to her Linkedin profile, she was an assistant to the Unit Production Manager in Bonanza Productions’ 2010 TV show, Past Life before working as a director/producer’s assistant at TVM Productions.

She also briefly worked as an assistant to renowned funny man, Ben Stiller during the filming of his 2012 movie, The Watch. Boyd later came to work at Brolin Productions as the Executive Assistant to Josh Brolin. In 2014, she embarked on her modeling and acting career, and signed with the illustrious LA Models Agency.

Relationship with Josh Brolin

Josh Brolin, the son of James Brolin, was married to Alice Adair for six years before the couple divorced in 1994. The couple has two children, Trevor and Eden. Brolin married acclaimed actress, Diane Lane in 2004 and the initial period of their marriage was rocked by domestic violence allegations. Brolin was arrested on domestic violence charges but the case fizzled out, after Lane refused to press charges against him. The couple divorced in 2013, citing irreconcilable differences as the reason, even though rumors circulated that Brolin’s violent tendencies or an affair were the reason.

Barely a month after his divorce, Brolin began dating his assistant, Kathryn Boyd. This sparked rumors that the couple was having an affair while Brolin was still married to Lane, but those allegations were never confirmed. Adding fuel to the fire, Brolin’s stepmother, Barbra Streisand openly sided with Lane during her divorce from Brolin. She wasn’t entirely fond of Boyd, but Brolin continued his relationship with her despite his stepmother’s disapproval. When Boyd and Brolin got engaged in 2015, Streisand was reportedly on the verge of boycotting the wedding. However, things seem to have been sorted between the couple and Streisand. The legendary songstress was present at their wedding, along with her husband James and many of Josh Brolin’s friends from the film industry.

The couple said their “I Do’s” in a private ceremony in North Carolina. Brolin said in an interview that he had been quite hands-on in planning the wedding. Calling himself a control freak, he reportedly said, “It’s not even that I want to control it—I just want to be in the middle of it.” Since the couple was engaged, they have both posted pictures of their wedding together on their Instagram account, including gorgeous black-and-white photographs from their wedding.


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