Screenshot of the Fake News About Lil Tecca's Death


Lil Tecca was killed in a shooting at JFK Airport.




New York native Tyler Sharpe, better known by his rap moniker Lil Tecca, was allegedly shot dead at JFK Airport on September 16. His fans are in shock and are tweeting directly at him to find out if he’s really dead. However, Lil Tecca is just another victim of a celebrity death hoax as we explain right here.

Lil Tecca Was Not Killed in a Shooting

Lil Tecca, born Tyler Sharpe on August 26, 2002, burst onto the rap scene with his May 2019 breakout single, “Ransom.” And on August 30, he released his debut mixtape, We Love You Tecca. 

And like any celebrity on the rapid rise to fame, Lil Tecca has also become the victim of a death hoax.

A news report began doing the rounds on social media on Monday claiming that the young rapper was scheduled to board a flight at JFK Airport when an assailant supposedly shot him twice, killing him. Another similar report about Tecca’s alleged fatal shooting was shared more than 82K times.

You can understand the hysteria among his fans who needed assurance that Tecca is fine. Many began sending him tweets asking if he’s dead or alive.

Sharpe, a regular user on social media, was quick to set the record straight himself.

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Lil Tecca Responds to the Death Hoax

The reports of Lil Tecca’s death originated from a prank website where one can create almost-believable news stories. Multiple disclaimers on the website make it apparent that all content on this site is fake and not meant to be taken seriously.

Nonetheless, for those who fell for it, Lil Tecca kindly assured them that he’s alive and well. Even as false claims of his death were circulating, he was actively tweeting.

When a Twitter user asked him why are these rumors going around, Tecca responded that some unspecified “they” are doing it for attention.

Continuing his streak of debunking his death hoax, Tecca proclaimed that people seem to believe everything on the Internet.

He went on to retweet other Twitter users who also saw through the false rumors. He later continued his usual shenanigans on Twitter and Instagram.

All his concerned fans can breathe easy. Lil Tecca is alive and well and scheduled to kickstart his first tour in October.

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