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Emily Threlkeld is the wife of former U.S. congressman and banker Harold Ford Jr. Threlkeld married Ford Jr. at a lavish wedding in Miami in 2008. While they have had a successful marriage together, Threlkeld’s husband was recently fired from his job at Morgan Stanley for indulging in inappropriate work behavior. Read more about it, right here in our Emily Threlkeld wiki.

Emily Threlkeld’s Life Journey

Harold Ford Jr.’s wife was born on January 2, 1981, in Naples, Florida, which makes Emily Threlkeld’s age 36. While she had hopes of becoming a fashion designer, Threlkeld ended up pursuing business and marketing instead. She graduated from the University of Miami in 2003 and then moved to Manhattan to start the next phase of her life.

At the start of her career, Threlkeld worked as a publicist for designer Nina Ricci. After that, she was the assistant to Mario Grauso, who was the president of the group that owned the Nina Ricci and Carolina Herrera labels. From mid-level advertising work to a fair amount of VIP dressing and event planning, Threlkeld did it all.

Emily Threlkeld rose as a trusted name with the industry in no time. There is mention of her great work and on how she was “universally liked” within her circuit.

But, despite her connections in the glamour industry, Emily Threlkeld became a public figure only when reports of her marrying Harold Ford Jr. started making their rounds. Threlkeld has now been married to Ford Jr. for almost a decade, and the couple only seems to be going stronger with time.

She Met Ford Jr. at a Wedding in New Orleans

Harold Ford Jr. and Emily Threlkeld are a prominent public couple. The duo had met at a wedding in New Orleans in 2004, at a time when Ford was heavily involved in political work. His reputation up until then was that of a womanizer, so the news of him in a serious relationship had stirred quite a few surprising reactions from the public.

After a long courtship, the couple finally tied the knot at a lavish ceremony that took place at Miami’s Trinity Cathedral Episcopal Church, in 2008. They received a lot of backlash for their wedding, with many even calling Ford Jr.’s decision to marry a white woman a planned political agenda. However, Therkeld and Ford only grew stronger with time and are inseparable even today.

Ford Jr., who was an alleged player before marriage, was also recently fired from his job at Morgan Stanley for misbehaving with a female colleague. His wife, however, seems to be unfazed with his alleged extramarital affair.

The couple is currently living in Memphis, Tennesse. They also own a string of luxurious properties across the United States, including a spacious loft in New York City’s Chelsea neighborhood.

Emily Therkeld’s Family and Personal Life

Emily Threlkeld belongs to quite a twisted family lineage. Her biological father is Tom Therkeld, who also happens to be her mother Deborah Beard’s first husband. Emily Therkeld’s parents divorced when she was just two years old. Her mother then went on to marry Vin De Pasquale, a restaurant owner in Naples, Florida, for a brief period before finally tying the knot with her third husband, Anson Beard Jr.

Therkeld is said to have a close relationship with her mother, who she often meets up along with husband Ford Jr. Therkeld’s mother has also bought them the lavish Manhattan condo where the couple lived for quite some time, according to sources.

Harold Ford Jr. and Emily Therkeld also have two children of their own. Their daughter, Georgia Walker Ford, is five years old, and their son, Harold Eugene Ford III, is three. Emily Therkeld’s kids are said to share a very close bond with her, which is as also visible in many of her pictures.

While Harold Ford Jr. is quite active on Twitter and other social media outlets, his wife, Emily Threlkeld, remains rather low-key with an almost nil presence in the virtual world.