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About Jenna Hammaker Gomes
Age35 Years
BirthNovember 9, 1988 California
SpouseYan Gomes (2012-present)
ChildrenBrooklyn Gomes (born May 2, 2014), Greyson Atlee Gomes (born March 4, 2017), William Yan Gomes (born January 29, 2021)
SiblingsErica, Alesa, Christa, Annalee
ParentsJenny Hammaker (Mother), Atlee Hammaker (Father)
AlumniUniversity of Tennessee

Yan Gomes is winning over Cubs fans this season. And he’s likely reached this far in his MLB career thanks to a legendary connection to the league. And that connection is Yan Gomes’ wife, Jenna Hammaker Gomes. The catcher got invaluable advice from Jenna Hammaker’s famous father, that furthered his professional baseball career. Read on as we trace their relationship history in this Jenna Hammaker wiki.

Jenna Hammaker Gomes’ Family

Jenna Miyake Hammaker was born on November 9, 1988, in California. If that last name rings a bell, it is because she is the daughter of Atlee Hammaker, the San Francisco Giants icon.

Charlton Atlee Hammaker was a pitcher who played in the MLB from 1981 to 1995. Although he spent most of his career with the Giants, he also played with the Kansas City Royals, San Diego Padres, and Chicago White Sox.

Atlee Hammaker and his wife, Jenny Johnson, raised their five daughters in Knoxville, Tennessee. Jenna grew up alongside her older sister, Erica, and her younger sisters, Alesa, Christa, and Annalee.

Alesa Hammaker played basketball at Berry University. Meanwhile, Annalee Hammaker played softball and basketball at chose the latter to play at Kansas State University and Lipscomb University.

Reportedly, Atlee Hammaker advised his daughters not to date a baseball player. But he ended up with two baseball-playing sons-in-law! Not only is Jenna married to Yan Gomes, but the youngest Hammaker, Annalee, is also married to minor league baseball player Josh Rollette.

Jenna Hammaker Gomes’ Relationship with Yan Gomes

Brazilian-born Yan Gomes moved to Florida with his parents when he was in his teens. He played college baseball at the University of Tennessee. And when he was a sophomore in 2008, a teammate introduced him to freshman psychology major Jenna Hammaker.

It was love at first sight for Gomes. However, Hammaker took her dad’s advice initially and ignored him.

Atlee Hammaker didn’t want his daughters to date athletes or ballplayers and deal with a stressful relationship with their partners on the road. And Jenny Hammaker was not keen either, having experienced the baseball wife life while baseball monopolized her husband for 12 years.

But Jenna is the self-proclaimed “rebel” among the MLB legend’s daughters. She was always dating athletes even though her dad disapproved.

Eventually, Yan Gomes’ persistence won over Jenna Hammaker. But her parents, not so much.

What won over the MLB legend was Gomes’ potential. When his daughter was getting serious with the baseballer, he picked his Tennessee connections to ask about Gomes and was impressed by what he heard.

Moreover, Gomes didn’t know Hammaker’s dad was an MLB All-Star. And when he did find out, he would seek the former baseball pro for advice, and they bonded over that.

With the Hammakers’ blessing, Gomes proposed to his then-girlfriend in 2011. And on October 6, 2012, Yan Gomes and Jenna Hammaker married in Knoxville.

Yan Gomes and Jenna Hammaker Gomes’ Kids

On May 2, 2014, Yan Gomes’ wife, Jenna Hammaker Gomes, gave birth to their first child, a girl named Brooklyn. She is the first grandchild of Atlee and Jenny Hammaker.

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Their son, Greyson Atlee Gomes, was born on March 4, 2017. And the youngest, William Yan Gomes, was born on January 29, 2021.

The Gomeses and their three children have a permanent residence in Knoxville.