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For the past 18 years, Chuck Heaver has been an indispensable part of the TV weather reporting community. And South Bend’s 16 News Now viewers enjoy watching him with Christine Karsten and Tricia Sloma on the morning show and look forward to his refreshing weather forecasts. But he’s been missing from the newscasts for a while, and many are wondering what happened to WNDU’s Chuck Heaver. Thankfully, Heaver gave an update regarding his absence. Read on to find out where Chuck Heaver is.

Meteorologist Chuck Heaver Goes on a Break

Chuck Heaver earned a degree in business finance from Ohio State University in 1990. His interest in the weather began in Ohio’s cornfields and has never waned.

Subsequently, he earned a degree in broadcast meteorology from Mississippi State University in 2005. Heaver started his career in meteorology at WGN-TV in Chicago, Illinois, followed by WYIN-TV (Lakeshore PBS) in Merrillville, Indiana.

In 2007, the meteorologist joined WNDU 16 News Now in South Bend, Indiana, and the people welcomed him with open arms. He left the station in 2015 and returned in 2020 as a part-time meteorologist for WNDU.

Moreover, Heaver also works in real estate and has more than 18 years of experience in the industry. So he has two careers and loves them both.

Although he works part-time at WNDU, 16 News Now viewers love him and want him to be a permanent part of the team.

Heaver has been part of the morning team for four months but has been missing in action for the last few days. Many are concerned and are now wondering what happened to WNDU meteorologist Chuck Heaver.

Thankfully, he shared an update on his absence. Chuck Heaver is taking a break and enjoying some well-deserved time off.

He said, “Well folks, it’s been almost 4 months here in the weather chair in the mornings with my pals Christine Karsten, Tricia Sloma, Melissa Stephens and those days are coming to a close tomorrow. I am not leaving @16newsnow , just cutting back on this more regular shift. Stay in touch! Love hearing from you all. I’ll be back soon. Off to see my mommy for Easter.”

Chuck Heaver confirmed that he is not leaving WNDU but taking a break and spending time with his mother in Pittsburgh. And his colleague, Tricia Sloma, confirmed that he will return soon.

Sloma said, “Our fill in guy is taking off for his adventures. But he will be back! Meteorologist Chuck Heaver, we love ya!”

Meanwhile, Christine Karsten said, “We have been so blessed to have Meteorologist Chuck Heaver fill in for the past several months on the AM show. While he is not leaving WNDU, he is taking a break to enjoy some other adventures. Here’s the deal, Chuck has been filling in for the past 15 years and he will continue to come and go. We hope you enjoyed him as much as we did. WE LOVE YOU CHUCK. See ya soon.”

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Surely, WNDU 16 News Now viewers will miss the meteorologist and hope he returns soon.