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Changes are coming to the WRGT lineup. And Elyse Coulter is going to catch up on sleep. No, the journalist is not leaving the station as many feared. This means Dayton residents who started their days with the veteran news anchor will be watching her at a new time. So before you panic about her absence on the morning show this week and wonder what happened to Elyse Coulter of Dayton 24/7 Now News, we’re spreading the word on the Emmy Award-winning news anchor’s new schedule here.

Elyse Coulter Steps Back from Mornings

Ohio native Elyse Coulter graduated with a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Ohio State University in 2008. Her career had begun while she was in college, working as a writer for evening newscasts at a Columbus news station.

After college, Coulter began working at WSYX ABC 6 in Columbus. She was also working at a Gray Television station in Virginia in 2010. And that was the start of setting early alarms to anchor the morning show.

Coulter moved back to the Buckeye State in 2011 and has been on Dayton airwaves since then. She started as a multi-media journalist at Dayton 24/7 Now, where she moved up to reporter and weekend anchor. And in 2017, she began anchoring the morning newscasts.

After Emmy wins and six years of the early schedules of morning newscasts, Elyse Coulter is moving on to a different timeslot. She will miss sharing the newsdesk with Nathan Edwards every morning, even if they bicker like siblings.

Starting Monday, April 10, she will be co-anchoring the evening newscasts with Adam Aaro and Natale Walters. The move will allow her more time with her husband and their two sons.

Meteorologist Adrianna Michaels also joked that getting away from Nathan Edwards is a bonus.

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Edwards expressed how much he’s going to miss his longtime co-anchor and is even “sadder that I actually have to try at my job now….”

It’s all in jest. However, Edwards was cheeky enough to enlist Aaro and Walters to keep up the regular dose of teasing of Coulter on his behalf.