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WESH 2 News’ Luana Munoz is a popular anchor in Orlando, and its residents look forward to her newscast every weekend. Naturally, viewers wondered what happened to Luana Munoz when she was MIA from her weekend broadcast. However, the news anchor announced she was going on leave and recently wrapped up her last newscast. Here’s an update for those wanting to know why Luana Munoz is.

What Happened to Luana Munoz from WESH?

Luana Munoz is a bilingual journalist of Afro-Cuban and Afro-Puerto Rican descent. She earned a degree in political science with an emphasis on American politics and international relations from the University of California, Los Angeles, in 2006.

After graduating, Munoz served as a production assistant intern with CNN in Washington D.C., later taking on positions in Greater Los Angeles and Torrance, California. The two-time Emmy Award-winner anchored her first news program when she joined KQTV-TV KQ2 News in 2009.

After that, she worked at KXTL FOX40 News in Sacramento, California; WAVY News 10 in Hampton Roads, Virginia; and KTBS 3 News in Shreveport, Louisiana.

While in Hampton, the anchor also got an opportunity to work as public relations specialist at Hampton University.

Luana Munoz joined WESH 2 News after leaving KTBS 3 News, where she anchored mornings and middays. She also won two Emmys while working for KTBS.

The anchor, who has more than 15 years of experience in media, connected well with WESH viewers when she moved to Florida. So, when she was MIA this weekend, they wondered what had happened to Luana Munoz.

Munoz and her husband, Larry, are expecting their first child, and she revealed it would be a boy.

The anchor announced her pregnancy in August 2022 and said, “On my 40th birthday God blessed me with the one gift I always wanted So grateful to finally join the motherhood club.”

WESH 2 News viewers won’t see her behind the news desk for a while. Munoz wrapped up her last newscast on March 16, 2023, before going out on maternity leave. And her coworkers surprised her with a sweet baby send-off on her last day.

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Orlando residents are excited to welcome the baby and hope they’ll see Luana Munoz back on WESH 2 News soon.