We’re sure you’ve already heard about the white girl from Atlanta who calls herself black—Woah Vicky! The Instagram star rose to fame after she began posting pictures and videos of herself embracing the African-American culture. Most recently, she was arrested at the mall. We’ve got all the details on what happened to Woah Vicky, right here. 

Victoria Waldrip is the real name of @imwoahvicky, the social media star known as Woah Vicky. Recently, she was arrested at the mall and then took to social media to post videos of what went down. Find out why the 17-year-old wound up behind bars after causing a commotion at a local mall.

Who Is Woah Vicky?

Even though she is clearly white, Waldrip has always called herself black—and she claims she has the DNA test to prove it. The teenager from Atlanta, Georgia is famous for her antics on Instagram, and now she’s taken over Internet headlines by getting herself arrested.

Waldrip posts tons of pictures of herself where she seems to have adopted the cultural look, along with an “urban accent.” But not everyone is a fan of the way she portrays herself as a young black woman, especially because she isn’t.

She repeatedly uses the N-word and often uses the hashtag “blacklivesmatter.” Though it doesn’t look like she has a job just yet, Waldrip did earn her high school diploma. She is often seen twerking and showing off ethnic braids on Instagram, or making quirky videos with her boyfriend.

She wrote in one caption, “Im from the gutta,” and even nurses a doll baby calling it her own child. She claims she gave birth to it (and her boyfriend even gets in on these strange videos of them raising this doll as their own).

It’s unclear why Waldrip began feeling like she belonged to the African-American community and why she started fighting on the social issues that the people face, but it’s clear she wants to be seen and heard supporting it.


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Waldrip is about to turn 18 in a couple of weeks (she was born on March 7, 2000), and the 1.4 million followers on social media who get to see the teen splurge on more luxurious things. She seems to be pretty well-off (or maybe her parents are) and fans can’t wait to see what she does for her birthday.

Why Was Woah Vicky Arrested?

Many fans of the social media star posted the videos of Woah Vicky’s arrest at Four Seasons Town Centre, Greensboro, North Carolina.

In the video, the cops are seen pinning her to the ground and handcuffing her, while a friend screams at the authorities for manhandling her.

The duo is seen kicking and fighting for their freedom while in the clutches of the officers. All being filmed by a person they seem to know.

It was reported that Waldrip assaulted an officer, and in the midst of the ruckus, someone yelled about an active shooter, unleashing havoc in the mall.

Somebody screamed, “shots fired,” and the people in the mall went helter-skelter.

It was a false alarm, for which Waldrip was cuffed, and later she was charged with obstructing an officer, too.

The cops confirmed that there was no active shooter in the mall and that no shots were fired, either.

Previously, Waldrip was asked to leave the mall premises several times, but it seems like Waldrip didn’t listen when authorities asked her to leave. She claims, security only wanted them gone because too many people were coming up to them asking for pictures.

Woah Vicky was taken to jail, and later let go, along with all her friends who accompanied her.

She also faced a trespassing charge but was released after being taken into custody. The entire incident was filmed, and she already uploaded it on Instagram for her followers to see the action as it happened.

She seems to be dating Tyrone (@virgin.child) and he was also involved in the incident. Later, Tyrone was seen being wheeled out after being treated for a broken nose and concussion.

The duo faced the wrath of the arrest, but in a video later, when they got home, they were heard screaming “black lives matter.”

Waldrip also posted a picture of her mug shot (like she was proud of it) and captioned it “fu*k 12,” which is a phrase she uses constantly.

Head over to Woah Vicky’s Instagram account to see the arrest video, which is posted in two parts.