Ron Funches at Annual Artios Awards. (Photo by John Wolfsohn/Getty Images)

About Christina Dawn
SpouseRon Funches Aug 2020 - now
AddressLos Angeles, California
Birthday3rd Sep

Comedian Ron Funches is basking in the newlywed glow, and the pandemic has done nothing to dampen it. He’s kept his romance with his now-wife, Christina Dawn, low-key, but has often shared glimpses into their relationship with his social media followers. Although Dawn, who is nicknamed “Robot” by her husband, largely stays out of Funches’ spotlight, there’s a lot of curiosity about who she is. We reveal all there is to know about Christina Dawn right here.

Christina Dawn’s Career

Christina Dawn, who celebrates her birthday on September 3, is originally from Vancouver, Canada. She is currently in Los Angeles, California where both her and her husband’s careers are based.

Dawn’s social media profiles are private, though Ron Funches occasionally tags her in posts related to her. On her Instagram bio, she states that she is a writer.


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Christina Dawn and Ron Funches’ Relationship

The most we know about Dawn is through Ron Funches. The comedian revealed in a tweet that he met Dawn through Bumble.

If you’ve noticed that his nickname for her is “Robot,” it’s because of how they met. Dawn apparently didn’t have any photos on Bumble except for her profile pic. Though Funches was skeptical if she was real, he met her anyway.

Dawn was very much not a bot, and they certainly hit it off. But his nickname for her, Robot, stuck.

Funches and Dawn got engaged on November 11, 2019, and he announced it on The Late Late Show With James Corden a week later. He said that the eleven-eleven belief is special to them. He missed the 11:11 a.m. timing, so he woke her up at 11:11 p.m. to propose.

The couple got married during the pandemic in August 2020. Funches shared pictures of their low-key, masked wedding.


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