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It has been announced that Evan Peters will return for season 7 of American Horror Story. Here is everything you need to know about who Evan Peters is dating now and more.

Evan Peters is usually in the limelight for his television and movie roles, or his love life. Who is Evan Peters dating now? Find out everything you need to know about Evan Peters, his upcoming roles, as well as his personal details right here.

Who is Evan Peters Dating Now?

The relationship between Evan Peters and Emma Roberts is a confusing one. One minute they are together and the next they are not! The two started dating in 2012 while working on Adult World. In 2013, while staying at a hotel in Montreal, Canada, a fellow guest overheard the two fighting.

The police were called and Roberts was arrested for assaulting Peters. He was seen with bite marks and a bloody nose. However, he decided not to press charges, and Roberts was released.

Once the press got wind of the situation, a joint statement was released, saying that the whole thing was “an unfortunate incident and misunderstanding” and that they were “working together to move past it.”

Later that year, Peters announced that he and Roberts were engaged. However, two years after that, they called the engagement off. By 2015, they were back together. They broke up once more in the summer of 2016, and Emma Roberts started dating Christopher Hines.

Before 2016 ended, Evan Peters and Emma Roberts not only rekindled their romance (again), but also got engaged (again)! We can only hope that the two manage to stay together this year.

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters

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Evan Peters’ Childhood and Personal Details

Evan Thomas Peters was born on January 20 in St. Louis, Missouri. How old is Evan Peters? The American Horror Story actor is 29-years-old. His father is the Vice President of administration for the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation. Currently, Peters lives in Los Angeles.

Evan Peters’ Upcoming Movies and TV Shows

Evan Peters has been on American Horror Story since 2011 and it has just been confirmed that he has signed on for season 7. The release date, plot, and cast of the new season is still a secret. However, the new season will start during the fall.

Sarah Paulson has also signed on for American Horror Story season 7, making her and Peters the first two original cast members to be confirmed. We can also expect to see Evan Peters as renowned journalist Jay Bahadur in the upcoming film Dabka which is slated for a 2017 release.

Emma Roberts & Evan Peters

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