Ethan Miller/ Staff/ Getty

This can’t be happening, we’re not ready! If you haven’t guessed it, The Vampire Diaries is ending after this season, which means the end of Ian Somerhalder as Damon Salvatore!

Ian Somerhalder’s Instagram Post

For the past eight years, Ian Somerhalder and Vampire Diaries have gone hand in hand and fans must now say goodbye to the famous vampire show, and its epic love triangle. Just recently, among many of the Ian Somerhalder pics, was an Instagram post that was both touching and saddening. It was the actor’s goodbye letter and essentially a Damon Salvatore style break up letter to his millions of fans.

“That’s an official wrap on the Vampire Diaries. From the 1st day to the last night… I was the last to leave our stages early this morning, not a single crew member, not a sound. To the fans, thank you for it all we would have never been on this journey without you. To all who made this show possible- we did it. 8 years, wow. Thank you all. Love, Ian”

Maybe this doesn’t really mean goodbye. After all, shows ending or being cancelled doesn’t mean what it used to anymore. Everything is being rebooted, from TV shows to movies—so maybe, just maybe, The Vampire Diaries will be back! What’s the point of being an immortal if you can’t live to see a remake? Check out Ian Somerhalder’s heartfelt Instagram post below, and try not shed a tear, as Damon Salvatore and the rest of The Vampire Diaries crew make their final exit.