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Who is Sydney Davis Bush? Though she keeps her name out of the press for the most part, she is known as Billy Bush’s wife. In the midst of the recent tape scandal—involving former Today co-host, Billy Bush and Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump—many have been wondering who Sydney is and what she thinks of her husband.

Terms such as “Billy Bush family,” “Billy Bush wife age,” and “Billy Bush wife pics,” have been trending on the Internet, ever since Bush was formally fired by the Today show and NBC, as a whole. So, in order to keep you updated, here is everything you need to know about Billy Bush’s wife.

Married with Children

The couple have been married for 18 years and exchanged vows in April of 1998. They live in Los Angeles with their three daughters: Josie, Mary and Lillie Bush.

Matching Tattoos

In August, both Billy Bush and his wife got matching tattoos of small crosses, along with their oldest daughter, Josie, on her 18th birthday, according to Today.

“This is the most painful process in the world,” Bush told Today’s co-hosts, Tamron Hall and Al Roker. Bush added that he hoped his younger daughters would join in on the family tattoo bond when they each turned 18 years-old. When Roker suggested that he better hope Mary and Lillie didn’t ask for family bond piercings instead, Bush seemed a little scared by the idea. “I am not comfortable with a body piercing as of yet,” he said. “But that may change.”

Imaginary Hall Pass

It was revealed on the Today show, that Sydney Davis Bush gave her husband an imaginary hall pass to date The Other Woman star, Leslie Mann. Of course this was just a playful conversation between the couple and Mann is still happily married to director-producer, Judd Apatow. 

The Trump Scandal

It was reported that Sydney Davis Bush flipped out and was shocked by the lewd comments made by her husband in the 2005 tape recording with Trump. According to Radar Online, an insider told the magazine that she was devastated by what she heard on the tape. She, much like other women, was bothered by the comments on the tape, which referred to Entertainment Tonight co-host Nancy O’Dell.

Praises from Billy

In a Mother’s Day post from last year, Billy Bush called his wife “spectacular.” “Stronger than she knows, as beautiful as can be and very popular in our house,” the former NBC host wrote on Instagram. “She is not my mom but I see her in action every day. Happy Mother’s Day to Sweet Syd.” The post garnered hundreds of likes from Bush’s 39,000 followers and the comments for the post have since been disabled.

No Comment

Sydney Davis Bush has yet to make a public statement to the media on how she’s doing or the state of her marriage in the midst of the recent scandal. She also has yet to comment on her husband’s firing from NBC, or formally state how the family is doing as a whole. Bush’s wife and the kids are normally kept out of the public eye, despite his public image and prefer their privacy.