Credit: Facebook/TheOfficialKanyeWest

Kanye West’s latest album, The Life of Pablo, has received another alteration in what is becoming a long list of changes, as the artist keeps revising the track list. The latest change is the addition of the “Saint Pablo” song, which has been made available to fans in a variety of ways, including a “Saint Pablo” stream. The “Saint Pablo” lyrics have also been made accessible for those who haven’t already started listening to the song. And given the quality of the song, it’s a safe bet that a lot of people will be doing a “Saint Pablo” download.

While West has made alterations to The Life of Pablo before, the addition of an entirely new song rather than revising an old one is a rare treat. Well, “entirely new” isn’t exactly true as West had previouisly played the “Saint Pablo” song at a release party for Yo Gotti’s latest album. The song, the 20th on the album, is a collaboration with Sampha and will also be the namesake for the recently announced Saint Pablo tour, which starts on August 25. Tickets for the tour will go on sale starting Saturday, June 18.

The lyrics speak about many of West’s latest developments in life as of its February recording, including his debt, the media’s questioning of his mental health, his behavior on Twitter, and his marriage to Kim Kardashian. It also features his usual implications that he is one of history’s most important people, calling himself “this generation’s closest thing to Einstein” and “the most influential.”

Rather than spend time blindly searching the likes of “Saint Pablo listen online” or “Kanye West Saint Pablo download,” simply visit Tidal—which is indirectly mentioned in the song—to stream the song or the iTunes store to buy it. As for the “Saint Pablo” lyrics, visit to read Yeezy’s latest verbal accomplishment.