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We here at Earn the Necklace like our woman smart and fearless, and Nia-Malika Henderson, Senior Political Reporter for CNN, certainly fits the bill! Of course, the fact that Nia Malika Henderson’s net worth is a whopping $5.0 million and that she earns a cool $1.0 million annually, definitely helps! Keep reading because we’ve got all you need to know about the popular reporter, right here!

Henderson is pretty outspoken and often speaks her mind while reporting on politics, policies, and people shaping Washington. She once said, “It’s hypocritical that Hollywood, one of the biggest purveyors of racist, ageist sexist imagery across the globe across decades should lecture anyone about inclusion or diversity. It’s laughable, they are self-righteous smug liberals. Did I mention fearless? There you go! Of course, there’s so much more to her as you’ll read in our Nia Malika Henderson wiki!

Early Life & Education

Born in the United States of America in the Summer of 1974, Nia Malika Henderson’s age will be 43 on July 7 this year. Being a very private person, we do not know too much about Nia-Malika Henderson’s parents, but we do know she grew up with her siblings in Washington. Henderson holds an undergraduate degree in anthropology and literature from Duke University. She received her master’s degree from Yale University in American studies. She also completed her journalism degree from Columbia University.

Nia Malika’s Career Path

Henderson began her stint in journalism with the Baltimore Sun, from where she moved on to Newsday, a local government channel. At Newsday, she made a name for herself as the lead reporter covering Obama’s 2008 campaign, the Democratic primary race and the Democratic National Convention. She also has the coverage of the first two years of the Obama administration for Politico under her belt.

Her Newsday success did not go unnoticed and in 2010, she  saw herself as the national political reporter for The Washington Post. At the Post, she covered the White House, the 2012 presidential campaign, the 2010 mid-term elections and anchored The Post’s Election 2012 blog. Having hosted the paper’s in-depth web interview show “On Background,” she was given the responsibility of covering the intersection of politics with culture, demography and emerging sources of power for the Post’s daily political blog, “The Fix.

From the Post, Nia-Malika’s move to CNN in 2015 was a step in the right direction. And she’s with CNN even as you read this! At CNN, Henderson reports for the network’s digital and television platforms, and regularly appears on air as a panelist for CNN’s Inside Politics. She covered the 2016 election and Presidential transition with a special focus on identity politics. During the 2016 election season, she reported on many of the Presidential candidates’ campaigns while exploring the dynamics of demographics, race and religion, and the groups of people shaping the national election.

Nia Malika Henderson’s Husband/Boyfriend/Affairs

She is. She Isn’t. She has. She hasn’t. As far as her personal life goes, Ms. Henderson is keeping the media hounds guessing! She was rumored to be dating Glenn Beck. Yes, the sensational television personality, and legendary radio host. In fact, according to the gossip mills, the two have been dating for a long time now, and some sources even say they are married. But neither the relationship rumor nor the marriage rumor have been accepted by any one of them so far. However, more recently, both of them seem to be ‘loosening up’ and accepting that they are good friends, and are pretty attached to each other. We’ll leave it at that, but rest assured, once they upgrade from ‘just good friends’, you know where you can read about it! In the meanwhile check out our favorite Nia-Malika Henderson Pics below!

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