LeAnn Rimes. (Credits: Jeffrey Kontur/flickr, https://www.flickr.com/photos/jeff_kontur/3726487872/)

LeAnn Rimes, the country singer and wife of actor Eddie Cibrian, recently shared a photo of their family’s personal best moments. LeAnn Rimes shared some photos on her Instagram showing her husband Eddie doing some fatherly things.

Eddie Cibrian as a Hairstylist!

This photo posted by LeAnn is a personal moment snapped by the singer that shows what’s going on in the Cibrian family. In the photo, Eddie Cibrian is seen styling the hair of his son, Jake. LeAnn Rimes captioned the lovely family moment saying, “AND…. He’s a serious hairstylist ☺#hairstylist #dad #hubbylove #stepsonlove #sweetness #transformationtuesday  @allieparonellihair he’s taking over lol [sic].”

LeAnn and Eddie’s Family Times

LeAnn shared some more moments of her husband Eddie helping out his elder son Mason with his school project. A photo of the father-son duo working in the backyard was captured by her and captioned with, “School project time!He’s a damn good dad! [sic].”

LeAnn praised her husband’s “daddy” chores and how the family looked great by captioning the photo with, “So proud of them and the cool wooden swords and shields they are making [sic].” LeAnn tagged her feelings with hashtags like “#creativity #schoolproject #swordandshield #stepsonlove #proudwife #proudstepmom #fathersonlove #dad #hubby [sic],” These photos reveal that the 33-year-old country singer is enjoying family life and grateful for her doting husband Eddie Cibrian.