Credits: Instagram/evamendes

Here’s some great news for all the fans and followers of actress Eva Mendes and her charming boyfriend Ryan Gosling. This is all about a new Eva Mendes-Ryan Gosling baby that’s about to be welcomed into the world. That’s right, the stunning actress is expecting her second child from her longtime boyfriend, actor Ryan Gosling. Rumors about Eva Mendes being pregnant are soon turning out to be true and we will get to see the proof a few months from now.

The 42-year-old actress was spotted with her boyfriend in Los Angeles, and the paparzzi could spot a noticeable baby bump on her. This is more than just a hint that the second Eva Mendes baby is on it way, and everyone is excited about it. Especially, Eva Mendes’ daughter, Esmeralda Amada, who will undoubtedly love to welcome a sibling.

The next most excited person after Eva and Esmeralda is The Notebook actor Ryan Gosling. The 35-year-old heartthrob will surely be glad that he will be a father once again. As Ryan Gosling is busy promoting his upcoming action-comedy The Nice Guys, which also stars Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe, it will surely be a special year for the actor.

It’s interesting to know that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had met on the sets of their film The Place Beyond the Pines (2011). Ever since then, the couple has been steadily dating. In 2014, Eva Mendes gave birth to her first child with Ryan Gosling and the baby girl was named Esmeralda Amada. We’re wondering if after the arrival of their second child, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes may finally say their vows and get married.