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Ashley Graham is nothing if not outspoken! While breaking age-old conventions in the fashion industry, she has also been candid about her personal life. Recently, she spoke out about sexual harassment and her inter-racial marriage.

Groundbreaking model, Ashley Graham has always been candid about her body image and her hope to serve as a role model for other women. Recently, she spoke about experiencing sexual harassment as a teen. Some time ago, she shared how her family had to come to terms with her inter-racial marriage. Who is Ashley Graham’s husband? Justin Ervin has always been by the model’s side and supported her through all her endeavors. Find out more about him, right here in our Justin Ervin wiki!

Who is Justin Ervin?

There’s not much known about Ervin’s early life, but his professional life looks pretty great. He is an accomplished cinematographer and has worked on documentaries like Elephant in the Room. Ervin most recently worked with the crew on the set of Paranormal State.

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He’s also a talented artist and photographer, occasionally taking pictures of his wife (or contributing to them), like in Graham’s insane Maxim nude spread! His net worth hasn’t been calculated, however Graham’s net worth is $1.0 million.


They Met at Church

Faith plays a big part in both Ervin and Graham’s lives. In fact, the couple even met at church! They began dating in 2009 after meeting at their church in New York. They decided to wait until marriage to get intimate. After they married in 2010, Graham gave a little TMI when she spoke about their wedding night!

“There was already this sexual tension, this roaringness [sic]. We had already established such a friendship that we had the two combine. Which, in my mind, just made magic, because now not only am I sleeping with someone that I trust and I love, but I know that he wants me. He affirms me all the time and lets me know how sexy and beautiful I am,” Graham said.


With Graham working in New York and Ervin living in L.A., the couple make their long distance marriage work. The America’s Next Top Model judge says she can’t go too long without seeing him, and they often make time to spend with each other.

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His Special Proposal to Graham

It’s established that Graham doesn’t do conventional. So, of course, Ervin got her a unique engagement ring that “fit [her] to a T.”

“I didn’t want the princess-cut platinum like a lot of women have,” Graham said about her unique ring, which hasn’t yet been revealed to the public.

Even his proposal was one-of-a-kind! During the initial part of their relationship, the couple began recording a series of video diaries called the Justin and Ashley Show on their web cam. During Ervin’s proposal, Graham thought they were going to film another video diary when he reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring! He recorded that sweet proposal on their video diary and it’s every bit of adorable!

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He Struggled to Get Accepted by Her Family

The 29-year-old model released her book, A New Model: What Confidence, Beauty, and Power Really Look Like, where she talks about various things, including her marriage. She doesn’t mince words when she speaks about how her family struggled to accept her decision to marry Ervin.

She explains that she didn’t grow up around many black people in Nebraska, and didn’t tell her grandparents that the man she was going to introduce to them was black. “I naively hoped everyone would be color-blind —which is not what happened. When my grandparents met Justin, my grandmother was cordial but cold. She greeted him and immediately walked away. When it came time for them to leave, my grandparents didn’t even acknowledge him. Instead my grandmother looked me in the eye, with Justin standing behind me, and said, ‘Tell that guy I said goodbye,’” she wrote in her book adding that she didn’t expect her wonderful grandma to be “so hurtful and so racist.”

After the visit, Ervin told her, “Racism is never surprising but always disappointing.” Graham wrote that the violent stereotype about Black men in the media and her family’s lack of exposure made her grandmother misunderstand Ervin.

But Justin Ervin eventually got Ashley Graham’s grandmother to warm up to him. All it took was a phone call on her 60th wedding anniversary. Graham said he prefers to call someone rather than text them on anniversaries, since those are a big deal to him. After that conversation, her grandmother talked to Graham’s mom, “And from then on out, she loved him. Loved him.”

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