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Toronto, Canada-born sprinter, Andre De Grasse competed in the 100m race during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. If you’re wondering Andre De Grasse’s age, it’s no secret. Born November 10, 1994, this young 21-year-old is truly impressive! Andre De Grasse’s Instagram is full of photos that highlight his journey – sports lovers can get inspired by checking it out.  With all this success you might be asking the question, “How much worth is Andre De Grasse?” It’s a good question and we’ve got the answers if you’re searching for information using keywords like “Andre De Grasse contract” and “Andre De Grasse net worth.”

From the Six to the Stars

Andre De Grasse was born in Scarborough, Ontario to Beverley De Grasse. She sprinted for her high school in Trinidad and Tobago before moving to Canada with her son when she was 26. His father, Alex Waithe, moved from Barbados to Canada as a teenager and grew up in Markham, Ontario. Andre De Grasse first realized his love to race in high school, running 100m in basketball shorts and Converse shoes. The amateur attire didn’t hold him back as he performed with a showing time of 11 seconds! Tony Sharpe, the man who eventually became his coach, also realized his raw talent.

Career Highlights

De Grasse has exceptional talent for such a young age; in 2013, he won a silver medal for the 100m in the Pan American Junior Championships. He competed in the Pan American Games in 2015, where he won gold for both the 100m and 200m races, and won bronze during the 2015 World Championships in Beijing in the 100m and 4x100m relay races. He shows no intention of stopping as he won a bronze medal for the 100m race in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. It was a proud moment for De Grasse as he ran alongside Usain Bolt in that race!

Big Decisions Ahead 

From his humble Canadian upbringing to World Championships, Andre De Grasse has certainly risen to fame. In December 2015, he went professional after signing a deal with Puma for $11.25 million with up to $30 million in bonuses! With a good head on his shoulders, Andre De Grasse considered his options after racing to bronze at the 2016 Rio Olympics. He debated running his senior season at the University of Southern California and finishing his education, or signing a deal with one of the many agents edging to work with him. In an interview with The Globe and Mail he said, “A lot has changed right now. I just got a bronze medal. I’ve got to talk to my coach and make what’s best for me and my family… Whatever my mom says, that’s my goal, to get my degree first.”

Kris Mychasiw, managing partner of Spring Management, estimates that De Grasse could earn as much as $700,000 in endorsement deals in 2016 and could sign a shoe contract worth another $700,000 annually. Mychasiw also expressed to The Globe and Mail that De Grasse has options, “[He could] sign, capitalize on the endorsements, and stay in school. He can continue to get an education, be an assistant coach at USC, work with the team that’s done a great job with him.” Either way, it’s a win for Canadians and De Grasses shows no signs of slowing down!