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Alan Thicke and his wife, Tanya Callau, have an age difference of 28 years—he’s 67 and she’s only 39. And thanks to that significant age difference, the celebrity couple encounters the same types of issues in their marriage that any other age gap couple would, like kids.

According to Alan Thicke, the topic of kids is one wrinkle in their marriage that he and Tanya Callau haven’t exactly ironed out the details of yet, mostly because of their age difference. “As we sit here today it’s not a completely resolved issue,” the actor and comedian revealed in an interview in April 2014, adding that even if she wants kids, she has to consider the fact that he’s almost 70. “You have to deal with the realities. Does she want to be changing two sets of diapers one day?”

Thicke is already a father to three kids from his first two marriages—his oldest, Robin Thicke, is only two years younger than Tanya Callau. But on the premiere episode of the celebrity couple’s new reality/sitcom show, Unusually Thicke, the young stepmother expressed her desire to have kids of her own, despite their 28-year age difference.

It’s great that Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau are bringing to light the many bumps that couples with big age differences encounter. In fact, that’s the whole point of the celebrity couple’s series. “Our goal in the show is to take the drama that people deal with, families deal with, in their real lives and try to find the silver lining, try to find how you handle that drama in an amusing, even humorous way at times,” Thicke said in a recent interview with HuffPost Canada TV. And we have to admit, Unusually Thicke is surprisingly pretty funny to watch.

What do you think: What’s your take on Alan Thicke and Tanya Callau’s new show, Unusually Thicke, realistic and entertaining or scripted and rehearsed?


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