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We are here to bring you a little bit of visual Christmas cheer to brighten up a drab day, and when it comes to funny Christmas memes, there is no shortage of hilarity. We’ve found some of the best holiday memes of the season; all friendly and all safe for work, and all filled with knee-slapping jokes. Check out these Christmas memes and holiday funnies for Christmas 2016.

The holidays are here and for some of us, it can be a sad depressing time filled with loneliness and non-stop gorging of fruit cake. For other people, it’s a happy time filled with friends and family and laughter. It’s certainly a stressful time, what with all the busy holiday practices taking place, which often include dinners, parties, all the shopping that is to be done! You’ve got to remember to take a moment and actually enjoy this special time of year, and what better way to indulge in the Christmas spirit than with some seriously funny Christmas memes!

We’ve put together a small collection of funny Christmas memes to warm you heart this holiday season. Funny memes, not fruit cake, because that’s how we roll.

Cat Memes and Christmas Meme Collide!

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And if that was the cat, I assume this is the dog.

This made me laugh…..

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Apparently, all of these years, we’ve been singing the song wrong…

Ah, a young Dwayne Johnson in all of his fanny packed glory

So Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson just uploaded this to his Instagram

We’ve all been there at some point.

When you’re at a mall and you’ve run out of gift ideas…


This may be a little bit of an incentive for us all to watch our waistlines around the holidays.

Who doesn’t like kitties, dogs and Santa? We hope these memes have lifted your spirits and made you giggle a little this holiday season! Feel free to pass this along to all your friends and loved ones who may need a little jolliness themselves this Christmas!