10 Hottest Scarlett Johansson Pics of All Time – Body Heat Rising

scarlett johansson hot pics
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Let be honest; calling Scarlett Johansson hot is an understatement. She’s so strikingly hot that the girl could probably cause a forest fire, seriously! If you don’t find Scarlett Johansson sexy, you might want to get your eyes checked. The Internet is awash with hot pics, but Scarlett Johansson pics are a in a class of their own. While many women might feel the need to strip down to their birthday suit to look hot, Johansson doesn’t have to expose much when she wants to show her sexy side, she literally just has to be herself.

Queen of the Box Office

Johansson is an American actress, singer and model who has been in the film industry for the last two decades. She made her film debut in North in 1994 when she was just 10 years old. She later did highly acclaimed films like, The Horse Whisperer, Girl With A Pearl Earring and Lost In Translation. Since then, Johansson has acted in a series of films that have scored at the box office and have also won critical acclaim. Some of her notable films are: Match Point, The Island, The Prestige, The Black Dahlia, He’s Just Not That Into You and Lucy. This may come as a surprise, but Johansson is already one of the highest grossing actress of all time! Her films so far have grossed more than $3.3 billion. Beat That!

Sexiest Woman Alive?

Johansson is certainly among the sexiest Hollywood actresses of all time. She regularly tops the sexiest woman alive lists whenever they are made. Magazines like Esquire and Playboy have declared her to be the sexiest woman alive on more than one occasion! However, there is more to Johansson than just being sexy. She has a charisma that is unique. She also has an attitude that says, ‘I can’t help being sexy. It’s a big thing for everyone but I don’t think much about it.’ Most of all, Johansson is just a great actress. Give her any role and she does a great job. It’s no wonder all of Hollywood wants to work with her!

If you have been searching for Scarlett Johansson photos, stop right now. We are bringing you 10 of the hottest Scarlett Johansson pictures of all time!

Riot of Color: Blue eyes, Blonde hair, a stunner in anything she wears.

scarlett johansson hot eyes

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The Lady in Black: Arriving at the premiere of The Avengers

scarlett johansson in sexy black dress

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Dressed to Kill: Arriving to talk at the Late Show with David Letterman

scarlett johansson looking hot, sexy and confident in high heels

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Baby, I’m a Star: Having her own Star at Hollywood Walk of Fame

scarlett johansson hot legs and pose

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Dressed in Gold: Arriving at the Metropolitan Museum Gala at NYC

scarlett johansson hot cleavage shot

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Back in Black: Arriving for the The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

scarlett johansson no bra

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That Killer Smile: Can you guess what she’s thinking?

scarlett johansson sexy luscious lips

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Changing the World: Her support for Malala

scarlett johansson hot pic in see-through top

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Blue Jean Girl: Stepping out in the sun in New York City

scarlett johansson hot pic

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Perfection in Wax: The ScarJo model in New York City

scarlett johansson boobs exposing cleavage pic

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