Anton Zaslavski, better known by his stage name, Zedd, has performed as both a musician and a DJ all across the world. But rarely does he receive the special response he got at one of his most recent destinations!

The music star posted a picture on Twitter showcasing gifts he received from fans in South Korea, where he’ll be playing at AX-Hall tonight (January 8) as part of his True Colors Tour. And just what were the gifts Zedd received from the grateful Korean fans? A collection of fan art of the man himself! It might not sound like much, but the drawings are actually quite impressive.

The musician tweeted, “Happy to have such amazing and talented fans!!! Thank you so much, Korea, for the sweet welcome!!” The image shows Zedd holding five pieces of art he received; he doesn’t specify if there was more that we weren’t shown, but we wouldn’t be surprised if even more fans in Korea, not to mention worldwide, used their talents to show their appreciation.


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Photo: Instagram/zedd

As for the art itself, all we can say is wow! Of the five, three reimagine Zedd in a cuter, more cartoon form (we want to saying they make him look like an anime character, but that’s Japan). The fourth is more realistic, but makes him look more Asian than his actual Russian-German heritage; perhaps wishful thinking on the fan’s part? But it’s the last and biggest piece of fan art that similarly leaves the largest impression: a realistic portrait that looks so good, it could be mistaken for the real thing from a distance!

Zedd also shared the image on his Instagram page, but his appreciation for his Korean fans didn’t stop there, as he also retweeted amazing photos and videos taken (and shared) by concert attendees, including one who called the event “the best day of [their] life!”

Photo: Instagram/zedd

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