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Zedd's Estimated Net Worth: $35.0 million

DJ Zedd is one of the coolest guys in the world of electronic music. His songs make even those with “two left feet” want to dance and it makes die-hard fans to party all night long. Music is his passion and it’s what has made him so successful. He has a beautiful house that cost him $16.0 million, and with Zedd’s net worth in 2018 of $35.0 million, he has all the financial security he needs. Keep reading to know more about his money matters.

People are mighty impressed with Zedd’s new home in Benedict Canyon, an area of Los Angeles near Sherman Oaks, which he bought for a jaw-dropping $16.0 million! The DJ gave an intimate tour of his 9,500-square-foot palatial house in a recent episode of Architectural Digest’s Open Door.

Zedd’s real name is Anton Zaslavski. He is a German record producer, DJ, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, who is well known for his electro house music.

After watching Open Door, many are interested to know more about this talented musician, especially Zedd’s worth financially.

According to sources, Zedd’s net worth in 2018 is currently estimated at $35.0 million and growing! That’s because he is producing and performing music that appeals to young people everywhere, thanks to the influences of dubstep, progressive house, and classical music.

Zedd’s Net Worth Compared to Other DJs

Name of ArtistNet Worth
Calvin Harris$190.0 million
Tiesto$150.0 million
David Guetta$75.0 million
Steve Aoki$75.0 million
Skrillex$45.0 million
Diplo$26.0 million
Zedd$35.0 million

Getting Started in Germany

  • Zedd began his musical career as a member of the German deathcore band called Dioramic in 2002; he became interested in electronic music after listening to the French electronic group, Justice.
  • He began his solo career in 2010 by producing a diverse variety of originals like “The Anthem” and remixes.
  • Zedd’s remix of Skrillex’s “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” entered the Beatport’s Top 20 electro house chart and peaked at No. 2; there was no looking back for him after this.
  • Since then, the DJ has produced remixes for many well-known artists like The Black Eyed Peas, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, and Periphery.

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Songs That Make You Wanna Dance

  • Some of Zedd’s songs that have earned him such a mass following include “Shave It Up,” “Slam the Door,” “Shotgun,” “Spectrum,” “I Don’t Like You,” “Beauty and a Beat,” “Clarity,” “Heaven,” “Stay the Night,” “Find You,” “I Want You to Know,” “Beautiful Now,” “Papercut,” “Stay,” “Get Low,” and “The Middle.”

On Top of the World

  • Thanks to his immense talent, Zedd is one of the highest paid DJs; Forbes put him at No. 7 in their list of the highest paid DJs in the world in 2014!
  • Zedd’s salary was reportedly a whopping $20,000+ per night for his work as a DJ at that time.
  • According to Forbes, the DJ earned $24.5 million in 2016; he earned $19.0 million in 2017, and he made their list of the top 10 highest paid DJs in the world at No. 10.

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A Palace for a Home

  • Zedd’s house boasts of an area of 9,500 square feet; it has a heated swimming pool, a recording studio, a gym, a kitchen with four hibachi grills, a server room, and a state-of-the-art bathroom with a huge bathtub.
  • It also has what he calls the “Costco room,” which can store practically anything he needs; he doesn’t have to walk out of his house for anything at all!

Third Studio Album Coming Out

Despite the millions of dollars that Zedd is swimming in, his full attention is on his upcoming third studio album. If it’s anything like his first two efforts, Clarity and True Colors, then the DJ has a blockbuster on his hands, and listeners have the promise of many, many nights of uninhibited dancing! It’s literally tough to not shake it to almost anything he releases!

With a beautiful home to work and live in, a hefty net worth of $35.0 million, and a passion for creating music, Zedd is in a pretty fine spot right now. And, he only seems to be moving on up!