It seems celebrities have been hit with a bit of the clumsy bug. After last week’s detailing of Virgin founder and philanthropist Richard Branson’s epic trip to the Cayman Islands, where he was bitten by a stingray and ran into a glass door, DJ Zedd has taken to Instagram to show off a painful injury resulting from a nasty fall.

In the picture, Zedd is lifting up his shirt to unveil a pic of his bruised and scratched up torso after an apparent tumble. The caption reads, “Pro tip: don’t slip and fall on your side.” The post led to a bunch of fans posting their own images of their slip and fall accidents, with bruised up knees and other body parts. In addition to the comments from concerned fans, the picture has been retweeted over 300 times and racked up over 44,000 likes on Twitter and Instagram.

DJ Zedd Reveals a Nasty Injury 2


The EDM DJ has been in the headlines more of late for his relationship with singer and actress Selena Gomez. They continue their romance long after Gomez has called it quits with former flame Justin Bieber.

Zedd does have some accolades of his own though. He won a Grammy for his track “Clarity,” and has had songs chart in Billboard’s top 10. He is originally from Germany and has been producing EDM since 2009. His recent performances include a stop in Las Vegas with upcoming shows this May in New York City.

Photo: Instagram/zedd

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