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Is Zac Efron single? This is the most important question to fans right now since the Neighbors actor was recently rumored to have broken up with designer Sami Miro. It certainly looks like the couple is broken up since Efron has also deleted any and all trace of Miro’s existence from his social media. We can’t help but wonder what went wrong. While it’s still too early for fans to be asking, “Who is Zac Efron married to?” there are people who want to know Zac Efron’s dating timeline, so we’ve put it together for you here.

Vanessa Hudgens

The pair almost met in high school—well on the set of Disney’s High School Musical—and started dating in 2005 until 2010. According to a New York Times interview, Hudgens ended things after being fed up with all the female fans Efron had and couldn’t deal with her frustration anymore.

Michelle Rodriguez

Efron and the Fast and Furious actress dated in the summer of 2014 for about two months, even vacationing in Spain with friends. Despite the age gap, they were attracted to each other; however, the romance ended shortly after due to conflicting goals and personalities.

Sami Miro

The pair would have celebrated their two-year anniversary this September, but things seem to have taken a different direction. Rumors have been circulating about the possibility that Miro was cheating on Efron (we can’t believe it either!), but the real reason hasn’t been confirmed. Efron’s loyal fans have done some sleuthing of their own and have noticed that Miro’s digital footprint can’t be found near Efron at all. Doesn’t sound like it was an amicable ending! Miro, however, still has pictures of Efron all over her Instagram, so maybe it’s a break and not a breakup.

As for who Efron will date next, it’s anyone’s guess, but chances are he won’t stay single for long.