Earlier this year, Lena the Plug became the talk of the town after announcing that she would release a sex tape if she reached a million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Well, as it stands, she’s sitting at over 970K, so she’s not too far from her goal! Now, she’s in the news for allowing her best friend to “test drive” her boyfriend, and yes, exactly in the way you’re probably thinking. If you are wondering who Lena the Plug is, then take a look at our Lena the Plug wiki to know all about the provocative Internet star.

The things people do for fame or to earn subscribers on social media! We have all come across individuals who promise to do something if they earn a certain number of subscribers, whether it be on YouTube or other social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Some people upload tutorials, funny videos, comedic rants, and other entertaining segments, but there are some who are so desperate for likes and subscribers that they go to extremes. Lena Nersesian, better known as Lena the Plug, promised her fans a sex tape if she hit a million subscribers. (And she’s well on her way there!)

After Kim Kardashian’s sex tape was released, some have taken a page from the book of scandal and decided to capitalize on it. After all, sex sells, right? The most recent one being YouTube star, Lena the Plug a.k.a. Lena Nersesian. Earlier this year, Nersesian announced that if she hit a million subscribers on YouTube, she would release a sex tape with her boyfriend. Currently, her YouTube channel has over 972k subscribers and counting. Though she hasn’t yet hit her million, it seems she’s catching a few more eyes with her latest sexcapade, which involved a threesome with her boyfriend.

If you follow her channel on YouTube, you will see that on July 31, she uploaded a video and spoke about how she and her boyfriend (Adam) had a threesome with a girl on Twitter. Lena the Plug’s boyfriend is often a part of her vlogs on YouTube. His full name is Adam Grandmaison and he is also a YouTube star with a popular channel. Nersesian’s declaration has turned her into an overnight sensation, with many differing opinions on her racy lifestyle. If you are curious to find out more about her, then keep reading because we have all the details on Lena Nersesian/Lena the Plug, right here.

Who is Lena the Plug?

pretty as a plant ????

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People who follow her on YouTube or follow Lena the Plug’s Instagram will be surprised to know that she belongs to a conservative family. In her introduction video, Nersesian discussed her conservative household and upbringing. She comes from Armenian heritage and spent most of her childhood in Glendale, California. Nersesian claims that her family was so conservative that they never discussed sex and she wasn’t even allowed to watch the family sitcom, Boy Meets World. Nersesian revealed that she would turn off the series whenever her parents entered her room!

Her family does not approve her way of living and feels she’s “making poor choices,” but Nersesian seems to be perfectly fine with it. She said, “I don’t blame them. It’s not an easy pill to swallow, but I believe they’ll come around eventually when the initial shock has passed.”

She Has a Degree in Psychology

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In 2009, Nersesian completed her graduation from Glendale High School and studied in Sweden at Lund University in 2012. Nersesian then graduated Cum laude from the University of California, Santa Cruz in 2013, with Honors in her major. It is believed that she majored in Psychology.

She Worked Different Odd Jobs

Before Nersesian started her own YouTube channel, she worked several odd jobs to support herself financially. Some of her jobs included working as a cashier for Shoppers Corner Inc. in Santa Cruz for six months, and she also worked as behavior interventionist at the Arbrite Organization. She was a nanny for two boys and also worked as a personal assistant to their mother. Nersesian had a tough time in the online world as some of her racy posts have raised eyebrows and/or get reported. Several of her Instagram and Facebook accounts have been flagged, suspended, or deleted because of the risque pictures she posts. On her YouTube account, she has stated that she has a premium account on Snapchat, that viewers can purchase to see Lena the Plug’s hot pics, as well as other NSFW content.