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The Twitterverse is on the verge of bursting into tears after rumors of rapper Young Nudy’s death has crept its way into social media! Fans of the rapper have been recurrently begging for answers about Young Nudy’s health. So, is Young Nudy dead? Well, it appears that Young Nudy was killed online!

If Young Nudy were to be dead, there would’ve been a legion of people talking about it on social media, including his cousin, 21 Savage! Young Nudy’s death has taken over Twitter to the extent that his fans have begun praying for the rapper!

What Might’ve Started the Rumor

Young Nudy’s Instagram Story is probably to be blamed for this situation. The 24-year-old rapper’s post seems to have confused his fans as to what he meant.

Take a look at the Instagram Story below:

Young Nudy

Photo: instagram/youngnudy

The second story Young Nudy posted read, “I Love my mama and my grandmother,” and the two stories have now created a ruckus on Twitter.

Although some Twitter users are convinced that a “hater” probably started the rumor, it looks more like a misunderstood Instagram post that might have led to his death rumor.

The post read, “I miss you bro, I no you would have pull up on me like let’s ride bro just chill let get high [sic].”

So, the statement could have easily been confused as a Young Nudy’s eulogy!

But the fact of the matter is that he is very much alive and kicking. And this East Atlanta native is promoting his upcoming album, SB3, which is scheduled to release on May 25, 2018.

Where Is Young Nudy Now?

Young Nudy’s latest post was made on May 6, 2018, which was also around the date he was pronounced dead on social media.

And we all know that Instagram Stories have a 24-hour time limit, so we can confirm that he was very much active on May 6.

But since then, Twitter has been plagued with Young Nudy’s death messages and comments about a gunshot killing Nudy:

Here are some of the comments posted after the rumor started:


Some users have confused the identity of the rapper and are referring to him as “Yung Nudy,” creating even more confusion online.

While many are trying to put out the fire, others are just panicking about the rumor.

Neither Young Nudy nor any of his associates have come forward to tell their fans the actual truth.

With his upcoming release, it could all also be a publicity stunt. But there’s no concrete proof to state the same.

Nudy became famous through his cousin, 21 Savage, who is best known for his song, “Bank Account.”

Now, Young Nudy is building a fan following of his own. With 309K followers on Instagram and 47.5K followers on Twitter, the “Slime Ball” singer is here to stay!

With this much love for the rapper, we are sure he is going to come out of the woodwork soon and put his death rumors to rest!