Daymond John wasn’t always rolling in dough—in fact, he started his fortune from the ground up. The 46-year-old entrepreneur and investor on the reality show Shark Tank recently paid homage to his humble beginnings in a lengthy Facebook post, in which he describes a time in his life (1993, to be exact) when he was struggling to make ends meet.

In the post, John describes how he gambled everything he had to make the two-day Greyhound trip to Atlanta to try and market his newly established FUBU clothing line. After spending whatever money he had left on renting a fancy car, all he had to put the FUBU name out there was a bag full of products that he sewed himself. Although it was rough, John credits one person for helping him get through it—Janet Jackson, specifically her song “That’s the Way Love Goes.”

“I clearly remember driving those ATL streets in that rented car listening to this song and feeling like nobody can ever stop me because I was so inspired by this song and video,” wrote John. He goes on to describe how he slept on floors and couches, but that his drive to keep going is what eventually shaped up to be an incredibly successful career. Today, Daymond John is estimated to be worth a whopping $250 million.


The businessman made it clear in his Facebook post that he wasn’t sharing his story to brag about his success or how much how money he’s made, but rather to encourage other celebrities and entrepreneurs to share their stories, too, writing, “Let’s try to find a way that they can share their history and life hurdles [to] inspire an entire new generation of Daymond Johns.”

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Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2015,U.S. Embassy Nairobi

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