By now, the whole world probably knows how much of a badass Hillary Clinton can be. And as if running for President of the United States was not enough, the democratic candidate shared a story from her memoir, Living History, to remind us of her tough side.

On her official Facebook account, Clinton posted a black and white picture of herself alongside someone who seemed to be her teacher, and a blue arrow pointing towards little Hillary. Now 68, Clinton looked to be about 12 years old in the picture. She shared the story behind the photo in the caption, writing, “I was considered a tomboy all through elementary school. My fifth-grade class had the school’s most incorrigible boys, and when Mrs. Krause left the room, she would ask me or one of the other girls to ‘be in charge.’ As soon as the door closed behind her, the boys would start acting up and causing trouble, mostly because they wanted to aggravate the girls. I got a reputation for being able to stand up to them. – Hillary Clinton in her memoir, Living History.”

Hillary Clinton2


Photo: Facebook/ Hillary Clinton

Clearly, the former Secretary of State had a lot of support from her followers, as they left comments like, “Who knew this tomboy would grow up to become the first female President of the United States.” One even hilariously took a shot at the other presidential hopefuls and said, “She still has to stand up to misbehaving boys.”

Continuing her campaigning, Clinton also appeared on LIVE with Kelly and Michael, where she explained why being a female president would be more favorable. She listed multitasking as the first advantage, saying that women are better at it, what with always having “more things going on in your house.” Her second reason emphasized the importance of different experiences that women have, which are not “better or worse,” but just different. She added that all of it gave her a “different perspective,” which will eventually be extremely valuable to bring the masses together.

Image Source: FlickrImage copyright 2008, Keith Kissel

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