Talk about revenge of the exes. There’s a lot more brewing behind the scenes of Clint Eastwood’s separation from his younger wife, Dina Ruiz, than you might think. Eastwood’s wife recently revealed that the celebrity couple has been separated for several months, and new details have now surfaced that offer a possible explanation as to what actually led to the split.

Rumors about their marriage being in trouble have been circulating for a while. There was also the rumor that Ruiz was having an affair with her ex-boyfriend, Scott Fisher. Meanwhile, Eastwood was recently photographed with a mysterious young brunette who reportedly spent the night with him at his home in Los Angeles—this was after Ruiz admitted that they had separated. It turns out that that mysterious woman is Fisher’s ex-wife, Erica Tomlinson-Fisher. Confused yet? In other words, if this news is true, it would mean that Mr. Fisher and Mr. Eastwood have, in fact, swapped ex-wives.

Here’s how it supposedly happened. After Tomlinson-Fisher’s divorce was finalized, she was convinced that her ex-husband was trying to have an affair with Ruiz. So, Tomlinson-Fisher called Eastwood to talk about her suspicions. They ended up talking, getting to know one another, and eventually falling for each other.


According to a source, Ruiz never cheated on Eastwood with Fisher, but after seeing the pictures of the 83-year-old actor with his new younger woman, she has since reunited with her old flame. When asked about what she thought of her ex-husband dating her ex-boyfriend’s ex-wife (try and keep up if you can), Ruiz told Us Weekly, “I am saddened to see photos of Clint with Ms. Tomlinson-Fisher. I look forward to new beginnings.”

What do you think: Would you ever date your ex’s ex?


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