Simon Cowell’s pregnant sugar baby, Lauren Silverman, is expected to give birth any day now, and he’s making sure he’s fully prepared for the arrival of his first kid. Because the celebrity couple is currently living in different countries—Lauren Silverman is in New York with her family, while Simon Cowell is filming Britain’s Got Talent in London—the 54-year-old music mogul has reportedly leased his own private jet so that he can be there as soon as possible when she goes into labor, although the jet needs a one-hour heads-up and it’ll still be an eight-hour flight.

As sweet as it sounds, Simon Cowell’s motives aren’t entirely selfless. Rather than planning the trip back to New York around Lauren Silverman’s pregnancy, he’s said to be planning it around the Britain’s Got Talent schedule, because he’s set on being present for the filming of every episode. “Obviously Lauren and the baby’s well-being are Simon’s number one priority and as soon as he has ensured everything is OK and spent some time with his first child, he will come back home,” revealed one insider.

Once the baby is born, Simon Cowell is planning to go back and forth between London and New York so that he can spend time with his new family, but also continue to work on his show.


The celebrity couple’s secret relationship was first exposed when Lauren Silverman revealed that she got pregnant with Cowell’s baby while she was still married. At the age of 54, this will be the sugar daddy’s first kid. Silverman, aged 36, has one seven-year-old son with her ex-husband, but according to their custody agreement, Cowell can’t go anywhere near the boy.

What do you think: Should Simon Cowell move to New York to be with Lauren Silverman and their new baby?


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