A lot of people tend to have a very stereotypical view of a celebrity, where it’s assumed that all they know how to do is act or sing, that they get waited on hand and foot by hired help, and that they’re lacking in knowledge about how to do more basic and menial tasks. But of course, most stereotypes are inaccurate, as Iggy Azalea recently proved with her recent home repair project!

Early this morning, Azalea popped on Twitter to write, “I just sat outside with a screw driver and a reddit thread about electronics in the pouring rain with a drive way gate that would not shut [sic].” Many homeowners are sure to know the frustration that comes with having a door that will not close, but not everyone may have a front gate; just one of many perks that comes with having a successful music career. However, fixing a gate is probably not much different than an electric garage door, it just opens and closes horizontally instead of vertically.


It also helps that Iggy Azalea got help from Reddit, one of the most visited sites on the Internet. The pop singer doesn’t mention which subreddit she visited, nor does she say if she posted asking for help—although if she did, there’s a good chance her fellow “Redditors” were completely clueless that they were talking to a celebrity. If they knew, she probably would’ve gotten more than a few offers from people who would be more than willing to come fix her driveway gate themselves!

Azalea’s Twitter followers may have made a similar offer if they knew, given the number of comments concerned about her health after she spent a long time in the rain. She even responded to one fan who realized it was something like 5:00 a.m. when she posted, explaining that she’d just gotten back from the studio when she found the problem and couldn’t leave it until morning. She also said she used her phone to see in the dark and that working on it “actually gets to the point where you spent so much time on it you have to refuse to lose.” You can’t help but appreciate the tenacity—it turns out that sometimes celebrities really are just like us!

Image Source: Flickr

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