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Miranda Sings is the YouTube character created by comedian, Colleen Ballinger. The quirky, talentless, egoistical Miranda Sings gives inept dance and music tutorials. When she’s not making entertaining videos for fans, she’s posting hilarious tweets of herself. Narcissist extraordinaire!

You might not recognize Colleen Ballinger if you passed her on the street. But she is actually the star of the Netflix series, Haters Back Off. You might not recognize her at first, but once Ballinger puts on her red lipstick, hair clips, and quirky clothes, you might recognize her as Miranda Sings. The inept Miranda has been bringing laughter to her fans for almost a decade with her silly antics, self-obsessed words of wisdom, and butchered spelling. From funny tutorials to recounting her daily activities, she’s brought laughter to her hordes of Mir’fan’das. Once someone reaches the level of Internet fame Miranda Sings has, the memes are inevitable. In this case, Ballinger is pretty much the primary source of most Miranda Sings memes. When your Friday is going too slow, you need a dose of laughter that only a funny meme can bring. So, check out these Miranda Sings memes that will make you laugh and might inspire you to sing —no matter how tone-deaf you are!

#1. Make America Miranda Again!

miranda sings memes


#2. Do you know how life-threatening being TIRED is, Mom? Do you?

#3. She’s a role model for motivation.

best miranda sings memes


#4. She’s so good at arguing she can put lawyers out of business.

#5. This is self-confidence.

#6. The struggle is real. Stay strong Miranda!

#7. …And then you get revenge.

#8. All day, every day.

#9. Two seconds after watching Paranormal Activity.

#10. Makeup isn’t rocket science. Rocket science is for babies.