Many celebrities take advantage of the “Throwback Thursday” Instagram trend by sharing old pictures of themselves on social media. But Christie Brinkley definitely takes the cake this week for the best throwback picture.

The model and actress shared a close-up picture of herself and she looks strikingly different from the Christie Brinkley we know today. For starters, her long, signature blonde hair is missing—in the photo, her hair is dark brown and done up in short, tight curls. And instead of her big glowing smile, the Christie Brinkley in the throwback picture is straight-faced as she stares seductively into the camera while holding a cigar. Even her blue eyes look more like brown in the photo.

Christie Brinkley Instagram Pic



Not surprisingly, though, her fans were quick to point out that even with the different look, Brinkley was still gorgeous. They also noted that at 61, she still looks better than ever these days. “The inimitable Christie Brinkley. Always gorgeous! [sic]” wrote one fan, while a couple of other followers pointed out the resemblance between the young Brinkley and her now 20-year-old son, Jack.

Even into her 60s, Brinkley is still making money off of how great she looks. In addition to launching her own skin care line, she also recently released her second book (in over 30 years) called Timeless Beauty. In an Instagram post earlier this week, Brinkley described the book as helping to “set you on a path of vibrant good health for the new year.” The book is said to include all of the secrets that have helped the supermodel maintain her youthful appearance over the years, including tips on diet, fitness, makeup, fashion, and more. Plus, the handy info is accompanied by personal stories and photographs from Brinkley—not a bad gift idea for that last lady on your Christmas gift list!

Christie Brinkley


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