If you (or someone you know) have been in the kind of relationship that’s hot and heavy one week, but then off the next, Steve Harvey has some sound advice for you—stop wasting your time.

The comedian, TV host, and author just shared an infographic on Twitter that offers some serious insight into relationships, particularly ones that aren’t consistent. According to Harvey, “Men don’t do off and on. We might be off with you, but we’re on with someone else.”

Harvey didn’t offer any further explanation, but from what we gather, it sounds like he’s telling women everywhere that men don’t do “on-again, off-again” relationships and if they’re not with you, then there’s a pretty good chance that they’re with someone else.


Most of the comments so far have been agreeing with Harvey’s take on relationships, with some people adding that the same thing can be said for women. It only took half an hour for the post to get retweeted 50 times.

While some may be skeptical about taking relationship advice from a comedian, he does apparently know a thing or two, especially when it comes to giving women insight into how men think. His self-help-style book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, was published in 2009 and served as the inspiration for the 2012 film Think Like a Man. The movie hit number one in the box office and helped to significantly boost sales of the book, too.

Harvey followed that book up with a second advice book called Straight Talk No Chaser: How to Find and Keep a Man.

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Image Source: Flickr; Image copyright 2008, Dideo


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