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If you are a fan of rapper Fetty Wap, then you’ve likely been following the details of his personal life. He is currently the father of five children—three born and two on the way. But now, there are also rumors that he is the father of a couple more children, bringing the possible total to seven. So, who is Fetty Wap’s girlfriend? The latest reports claimed he was seeing a woman named Yaya but it seems things may have fizzled out between the two. Since multiple women are claiming the title of “Fetty Wap’s girlfriend,” we are going to take a look at Fetty Wap’s baby mamas and the women he’s been linked to, Yaya in particular. Keep reading our Yaya wiki to know more about her career, and social media channels, as well as Yaya and Fetty Wap’s relationship.

What We Know about Yaya

Unlike many of Fetty Wap’s previous girlfriends and baby mamas, Yaya doesn’t have her own reality TV show and isn’t promoting an album, so there isn’t much information about her other than rumors, second-hand stories, and information from her posts on social media. With that said, here’s what we do know about her.

Yaya is the main designer and CEO of a clothing company called Omaj by Noir. While it’s not confirmed on their website, we believe that the company is located in New Jersey, as that is where all of their fashion shows have taken place. It also appears to be the state of her home base, which also happens to be the state where Fetty Wap is from.

She doesn’t seem to have a Facebook or Twitter account, but Yaya’s Instagram is public and easily found, along with an Instagram account for her clothing company.

Though Yaya doesn’t have a YouTube account, she can be found on a YouTube video  getting into a street fight with (what looks like) Fetty, screaming as she’s wielding a knife while he’s getting into his car.

Yaya’s Kids and Her Relationship with Fetty Wap

As far as we can tell, Yaya and Fetty Wap are not currently dating. But who knows, that may change by the end of this sentence.

While we can’t pinpoint an exact time, it appears that Yaya and Fetty Wap began dating in 2014 but may have had an on-again off-again relationship afterward. The couple seemed to be dating in 2016, with many reports stating that he was caught dating both Yaya and Alexis Skyy at the same time.

He posted a picture featuring of the three of them on Instagram and said,“I no it ain’t right in y’all eyes, but I love two different personalities & I’m living my life and getting this money so f**k how ya feel. #Zoovie #RichAnHappy [sic]”

Alexis Skyy eventually became one of Fetty Wap’s baby mamas, as she’s currently pregnant with his child. Yaya went back to living the single life.

As far as we can tell, Yaya doesn’t seem to have kids with Fetty Wap, or anyone else, and it looks like her main focus as of late is herself and getting fit! (Fetty Wap’s current baby mama drama is enough that we wouldn’t wish that on anyone!)