Photo: Nicholas Hunt / Staff / Getty Images

Rapper A$AP Rocky’s hip hop group has release yet another single to rock 2016. “Yamborghini High” is the latest song released by A$AP Mob (stylized as A$AP Mob) and the music video is certainly a trip to watch. The “Yamborghini High” video features ASAP Mob’s rapper-members along with their lead, A$AP Rocky. For those who don’t know, the “Yamborghini High” song is a tribute to A$AP Yams, a fellow member of the rap group who passed away in January, 2015. The song also features “Dark Horse” hit-maker and rapper Juicy J, along with A$AP Rocky and A$AP Loy Banga. You can read the “Yamborghini High” lyrics shared below and watch the music video to listen to this amazing new track.

“Yamborghini High” is available on iTunes for download, and you can also stream the track’s preview as well. A$AP Yams was a big influence on A$AP Rocky’s hip hop career and had guided him through the Harlem streets towards fame. You can watch the “Yamborghini High” music video below to see how the rappers consider their demised idol to the exclusively luxurious cars, the Lamborghinis.

You can also read the “Yamborghini High” lyrics from and listen to ASAP Mob’s latest single available on iTunes.