Credits: Twitter/@ChynaJoanLaurer

Joan Marie Laurer, better known as Chyna, the pioneer female wrestling champion of the WWE, died in her California apartment on April 20. Chyna was one of the most remarkable female wrestlers to have ever appeared on the World Wresting Entertainment (WWE). The news of Chyna being dead was announced just hours ago through her official Twitter page. It’s been reported that her close friend went to Chyna’s apartment and found her unresponsive. This sad and sudden demise has made WWE fans wonder, “How did Chyna die?”

Chyna’s Twitter revealed the news of her death with a photo of the strong and beautiful woman, tweeting, “R.I.P. CHYNA (1970-2016).” According to ESPN, Chyna’s friend called 911 upon finding the wrestler dead in her Redondo Beach apartment. The friend had gone to check on Chyna since the wrestler wasn’t answering calls, and when she arrived at her apartment, she found Chyna was not breathing.

According to Los Angeles County coroner, Chyna’s death was reported late night on Wednesday (April 20). When police and medical personnel arrived at the location, she was declared dead and then taken to the coroner for detecting the cause of Chyna’s death.

As of now, it’s uncertain as to what caused Chyna’s death. It’s a heartbreaking shocker for Chyna’ s followers and the fans of WWE, as her legacy marks Chyna as the most celebrated women champion of the wrestling franchise. Chyna’s death was mourned by WWE’s CBO Stephanie McMahon, who tweeted about the unexpected death of the WWE legend.